Our Story

The Fantasy Sound story begins in 1989, when owner Kevin Dennis was a recent high school graduate. He found that DJing parties was a great way to meet girls, which at the age of 18 is a high priority! He turned out to be pretty good at DJing, so in 1992 he started to think that he could possibly make it a career. He moved into the first Fantasy Sound storefront in downtown Livermore in 1995. A new storefront means expansion, so Fantasy Sound started offering videography, A/V rentals, and basic lighting. A couple years later Kevin was honored with the Small Business of the Year Award, which solidified his career choice and inspired him to see where Fantasy Sound could go. After experiencing rapid growth it was soon time for Fantasy Sound to move again, so in 1998 the company moved to a larger location. Kevin was focusing on corporate AV rentals but soon began to realize that there was a huge untapped market just waiting to be discovered…weddings!

Fast forward a couple years to 2001 when the dot com bubble was beginning to burst. Up until this point corporate AV events had been the primary focus for Fantasy Sound, but during the crash those events were few and far between. Kevin had to find a solution, so he shifted focus to weddings! He has always had a genuine love of weddings, the Livermore Wine Country was booming, and venues were popping up everywhere, so it was a perfect storm of opportunity. Thanks to the shift in focus Fantasy Sound continued to grow, and in 2009 they moved for a 3rd time to a new location with a warehouse to store their growing inventory. It was during this time that Event Lighting and Decor was really starting to take off, and Kevin began his hunt for chandeliers to fill the warehouse.

More services were added in the next couple years, and the warehouse began to fill up. 2012 saw the addition of Drapery, 2014 saw the addition of Photo Booths, and 2015 saw our focus shift to creating custom inventory items. The warehouse was bursting at the seams, so in 2016 Fantasy Sound made a 4th move to an even larger space, which we currently call home. This warehouse still has plenty of room, so we are excited to see how our inventory and service offerings will grow!

We have been so lucky to be involved in an industry that allows us to create something new and unique for every single event, and we truly find fulfillment in helping bring our client’s visions to life. We love the fact that we get to celebrate love on an everyday basis! It’s certainly a dream come true for us, and we can’t wait to help your dreams become a reality!

Wow. Best DJ service ever! In the early stages of wedding planning, my groom and I knew we needed to have a good DJ at our wedding – because having good music is so key to ensuring that your guests have a good time. We had attended a wedding several months earlier, and the bride and groom had hired the best DJ I had ever seen. I had never been to a wedding before where the music was so good, no one ever wanted to take a break from the dancing! I asked the bride who her DJ was, and she told me they hired Nick from Fantasy Sound. She had nothing but great things to say about Nick and Fantasy Sound. So naturally, I called Fantasy Sound to hire Nick to do our wedding. Unfortunately, Nick was not available for our wedding date. We were disappointed, but Fantasy Sound had another DJ who was available for our date –DJ Marshall. Wow! I am so glad we hired him, because he was just as awesome as Nick. (I have reason to believe all of their DJ’s are probably spectacular). The process we went through with Fantasy Sound was so professional, enjoyable, and seamless. Their experience in the industry speaks volumes. I had two meetings with them before our wedding, and we went over everything. There were so many things that I did not even think of, that they were so well prepared for. They went through every song choice with us, from the pre-ceremony music, to the very last song. I cannot tell you how valuable this attention to detail is. Our wedding guests danced all night, and had so much fun! I had so many guests tell me they did not want to take any breaks from dancing, because the music was so good…just what I wanted (and had remembered from the other wedding). Marshall was the perfect DJ! We could not have imagined anything better!

Elizabeth and Tommy