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Lighting FAQs

What is the difference between an Uplight, GOBO, and a Pinspot?

Uplights are the foundation of any Event Lighting design. They are placed on the floor of your venue, and are used to create a color wash on the walls or drapery. Gel overlays, which come in a wide variety of colors, can be used to customize the wash to complement your wedding’s color scheme. GOBOs come from the term “go between”. GOBOs are metal or glass discs with cutout patterns, names, or initials. They are placed over the lens of the light. Their image can be projected onto walls or floors in a wide variety of colors. Pinspots can be used to highlight the bride and groom, musicians, cake, candy bar, centerpieces, tables, or other key focal points.

How much notice do you require for a custom GOBO?

In order to avoid a rush fee from our supplier, we need your artwork 45 days before your wedding/event.

Do you have a minimum?

For Event Lighting and Décor orders in the East Bay or San Jose, we have a $1,000.00 minimum. For all Event Lighting and Décor orders in the Peninsula, Napa Valley, Carmel/Monterey, Central Valley, or Sacramento areas, there is a $2,500.00 minimum.

Can I add or subtract lighting from my original contract or estimate?

Availability allowing, you can add lighting to your original contracted estimate up to two weeks prior to your wedding, with the exception of custom items. Should you wish to add a custom GOBO, we require your artwork 45 days prior to your wedding to avoid a rush fee from our supplier. We cannot subtract lighting from your signed contract, but, while it is still in the estimate stage, subtractions can be made. When making additions or deletions to your order, please keep in mind that Fantasy Sound Event Services has a minimum on all Event Lighting and Décor orders, depending on your location.

How do I pay for my event?

A non-refundable retainer of $500.00 is required to hold your wedding date and is due two weeks after we send out your contract. The balance due is required two weeks prior to your wedding date. Acceptable methods of payment include: personal checks, cash, and all major credit cards.

Is the retainer refundable?

Retainers cannot be refunded, as they are used to secure your date and all necessary equipment.

How often will we meet?

Our event Lighting and Décor Design Specialists are available to meet with you for a free consultation in the initial stages of planning. Many couples like to take advantage of this optional meeting as an opportunity to learn more about their lighting options. If your wedding is taking place at a venue we have not worked at before, we will require an on-site consultation. If the venue is in the East Bay or San Jose area, this on-site consultation is complimentary. If the venue is located elsewhere, the consultation is $250.00, which will be credited towards your final balance if you decide to book.

After we contact you, we will meet with you once for your final meeting, which takes place no later than two weeks before your wedding. During your final meeting, we will go over specific lighting and décor placements, as well as selected colors and patterns.

What is an Event Lighting Finalization form?

Our Event Lighting Finalization form ensures that your lighting is exactly the way you envisioned it. The form lays out the specific placement, colors, and patterns of all lighting for your wedding day. At your final meeting, you will review and sign your Event Finalization form.

Are you able to give me an estimate over the phone?

While we can obtain information from you over the phone regarding your design needs, our estimates are sent out via email or, if your prefer, direct mail

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Find out how Fantasy Sound Event Services can help make your wedding day vision become a reality! Next Disc Jockey Meet & Greet will be on:

Saturday, July 25th, 2015

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Wow. Best DJ service ever! In the early stages of wedding planning, my groom and I knew we needed to have a good DJ at our wedding – because having good music is so key to ensuring that your guests have a good time. We had attended a wedding several months earlier, and the bride and groom had hired the best DJ I had ever seen. I had never been to a wedding before where the music was so good, no one ever wanted to take a break from the dancing! I asked the bride who her DJ was, and she told me they hired Nick from Fantasy Sound. She had nothing but great things to say about Nick and Fantasy Sound. So naturally, I called Fantasy Sound to hire Nick to do our wedding. Unfortunately, Nick was not available for our wedding date. We were disappointed, but Fantasy Sound had another DJ who was available for our date –DJ Marshall. Wow! I am so glad we hired him, because he was just as awesome as Nick. (I have reason to believe all of their DJ’s are probably spectacular). The process we went through with Fantasy Sound was so professional, enjoyable, and seamless. Their experience in the industry speaks volumes. I had two meetings with them before our wedding, and we went over everything. There were so many things that I did not even think of, that they were so well prepared for. They went through every song choice with us, from the pre-ceremony music, to the very last song. I cannot tell you how valuable this attention to detail is. Our wedding guests danced all night, and had so much fun! I had so many guests tell me they did not want to take any breaks from dancing, because the music was so good…just what I wanted (and had remembered from the other wedding). Marshall was the perfect DJ! We could not have imagined anything better!

Elizabeth and Tommy