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Perhaps one of the coolest trends right now in the wedding world is the Winter Wonderland Wedding. There is something so magical about the winter season that lends itself perfectly into creating an enchanting evening for celebration. Now, I know it may be intimidating to get married in a season that already has an established theme, but don’t feel locked in by the Christmas aesthetic! Christmas is only a small part of the winter season, and although it might be cute to have a nod to Christmastime in some of your decorations or favors, there are plenty of other ideas you can use to transform your venue into a beautiful winter wonderland. I’m sure we all can’t get married in a ski lodge in Aspen surrounded by softly falling snow, but we can transfer some of those aspects to your wedding. To achieve that icy and snowy atmosphere, try using some uplights with icy blues and a wash of snowflakes, either on the walls or on the dance floor. Add some shimmering silver drapery and you’ve created an elegant aesthetic. It truly is a quick and easy way to effectively transform the appearance of any room. Furthermore, the color palette of a winter wedding should be kept simple. Typically, white would serve as the base color accented with silver and gold, but throwing in some icy blues and greens adds an unexpected, but still beautiful, touch.  You can also bring some winter magic to each table as well, by designing some beautiful floral centerpieces. Ask your florist to integrate some sparkly strings of rhinestones in your arrangements to create the look of ice. Also, if you plan on having taller centerpieces, find out if you can hang small candle votives from the branches. Such a simple touch will add a feeling of warmth, to contrast the iciness coming through from the drapery, uplights, and snowflakes. Of course, these are only a few simple ideas, but the sky is truly the limit! If you need some inspiration, check out these photos from a wedding Fantasy Sound Event Services did at the Palm Event Center.

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