Holiday Adventure Event at Casa Real | Sequoia

December 12, 2023


Every year, we get the opportunity to create memorable company celebrations for the  Sequoia holiday party. From glam Hollywood to winter wonderland, every theme has been a blast to bring to life. For our latest transformation at Casa Real, we gave our guests the ultimate holiday present–a trip around the globe. Rather than traveling the world in 80 days, we explored it all in one evening.

So, fasten your seatbelts and prepare to take off on this adventure!

Escort Table Display Sequoia Holiday Party

There’s nothing like a classic postcard to send greetings from your trip. Take a peek at these fun displays featuring Brazil, Japan, and Egypt. 


The unique booths give guests a taste of how rich each culture is. We love the fiesta table! 

Details at the Sequoia Holiday Party

Casa Real’s event space delivers ethereal vibes with floating cloud décor, blue skies, and a windmill backdrop. Take a closer look at the tables—you’ll see eclectic floral arrangements and mini globes. Do you feel like a world traveler yet?

Casa Real Holiday Party


These creative costumes truly take this celebration to the next level. Looks like Jack Sparrow is taking a break from the Black Pearl to join us! 

Sequoia Holiday Party entertainers

Every station immerses guests in cultural activities, like origami and hieroglyphics. The taste of Europe is a fun touch, too. Don’t mind us–we’re just saving ourselves a plate.

Sequoia Holiday Party Food Stations

If the décor and costumes blow you away, you’ll love the performances. We got to enjoy music, dancing, and singing. What more could you want for entertainment?

band and singers holiday party

Sequoia’s adventurous event is one for the ages. With the support of our creative team, we delivered an unforgettable experience. We cannot wait to bring the next Sequoia Holiday Party bash to life! 

Thank you to our creative partners for your outstanding work. 

Photography: Eli Zaturanski | @elipoint 

Lighting: Fantasy Sound Event Services | @fsesevents 

Venue: Casa Real at Ruby Hill | @casarealevents