Is Videography Worth the Cost?

Imagine you spend months (or even years) planning the wedding of your dream just for the day to be over in the blink of an eye. All the emotions, key memorable moments, dances (the flower girl was running down the aisle making everybody laugh!), all of it gone with the wind. Just think: If a picture can say a thousand words, how much more does a video that captures it all? Rest assured, videography is one thing you don’t want to exclude from your budget!

The truth is that couples barely remember anything from their wedding day. The whole day is a whirlwind, filled with things to do and people to talk to all day. 

With all of your time spent taking photos or greeting guests one by one, is it really possible to soak it in and remember it all? Everybody plays a vital role on your wedding day and videographers understand the role of telling the story of YOUR day, so you get a lifelong heirloom. 

Here’s what you get from videography services at your wedding:


You’ll see things you never saw.

Your videographer will not be glued to your hip like your photographer. While you’re busy getting the perfect sunset picture, your videographer is going to town, recording the special moments with the people celebrating your love with you. You’ll get to relive the moments all over again and see the little things that you missed while you were busy.

Your videographer will float throughout the event, capturing moments between guests, the dance floor, bouquet toss — you get the picture. They’ll get everything on camera!  With only two eyes, there is only so much you can see on your wedding day. A cherished video that captures the many angles of your day will let you appreciate your special day as often as you’d like.


You’ll have an extra set of hands on site.

Although videographers spend most of their time on-site shooting, they are readily available to support other vendors when they’re not. Like every person working at your wedding, a videographer knows it is all about you!

If an extra set of hands is needed to make your wedding perfect, they will jump in and help. Ultimately, if everything is marching to the beat of your tune, your video will be replaying the melody of your heart (cue in heart emojis!),


You’ll have memories for life.

Photos are lifelong keepsakes, but what are lights and cameras without some action? There’s nothing quite like footage that captures every step, every smile, and every kiss. Nothing beats hearing your vows in real-time, the crinkles on your nose during the wedding speech, or your uncle lighting up the dance floor. Now, imagine listening to your future grandchildren giggle at your inside jokes — isn’t that the sweetest sound?

With your big day coming and going so fast, holding onto every moment is challenging.. Your video will be the perfect evidence that your wedding day was as real and magical as your love. You don’t want to skip out on reliving your special day for all the years to come, trust! 

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