How To: NOT Be a Bridezilla/Groomzilla

Let’s admit it – sometimes wedding planning can get a little bit out of hand. Of course, it is your day and you should have full control over the planning process, but that does not mean that you should let yourself spiral out of control! Weddings are for bringing family and friends together, not for alienating those around you. That being said, would your perfectly planned wedding be worth it if it meant hurting some of your closest friends or family? Here’s how to keep your cool without becoming a wedding nightmare (and let’s face it – this affects both brides and grooms!)…

Take Yourself Out
Is your future mother-in-law giving you a headache? Or is it your maid of honor who is speaking her mind a bit too much? Whatever the situation, the first thing you want to do is remove yourself from the situation. The last thing a stressful situation needs is anxiety! Take a breather, spoil yourself to a latte, or treat yourself to a mani/pedi – whatever it takes to diffuse your nerves and come back down to your rational self. Think the situation through – is it really a big deal? If it’s not, brush it off and go about your day. Your mind will thank you! If it’s still a major deal, continue reading…

Talk it Out (Calmly!)
Now that you’ve had your solo time to think things through, it’s time to face the problem head-on. This does NOT mean barging in on your fiancé, yelling that there is no possible way to fit in his long-lost great-aunt. This means sitting down with the offending party and really getting down to the problem. Say your piece, but listen to the counter-argument as well. Stay calm and, if you start to hear your voice rise, make the conscious effort to bring it back down. If all goes well, you will reach a compromise that satisfies both parties, but if it still doesn’t play out that way, at least you know that you handled it in a rational way rather than losing your head.


Think of the Wedding
If you’re arguing with your spouse-to-be, consider if it’s worth fighting over the day that unites the two of you as a couple. Our bet is that the love and commitment you feel for each other outweighs any disagreement you may find on the way. You’re supposed to have fun with the process! If it’s another member of the wedding party that’s making your head spin, remember that your wedding is YOUR day. You should do things in a way that will make you happy, but do consider the importance of that person being a part of your big day. Chances are you’ll care more about your sister being by your side than the fact that she isn’t wearing the dress you picked out, but you can always reserve the right to have your wedding the way you want it – drama-free (thinking about any long-term repercussions, of course!).

At the end of the day, it’s really about preventing yourself from getting overly stressed on the journey to your wedding day. Nobody likes a control freak and we’ve all heard those stories of monster bridezillas/groomzillas – trust us when we say it’s just not worth it!

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