We Are Crazy for Chandeliers!

Chandeliers have been one of our most popular inventory items the past few years, and it doesn’t look like the trend will be slowing down any time soon. Our chandelier inventory has steadily been increasing over the past 5 years, and we are always on the hunt for our next favorite chandelier! Want to check out some of our most popular chandeliers? Keep reading!


The first models we ever selected were our 12 Light Crystal Chandeliers. They add the perfect touch of elegance and romance to any event! Many clients have had them  be clustered over the dance floor or dropped low over the sweetheart table, but the options are endless. If you are looking for a classic yet elegant chandelier, these 12 Light Chandeliers are the ones for you!


Love our 12 Light Crystal Chandeliers but looking for something a little bit smaller? Look no further than our 5 Light Crystal Chandeliers! You will get the same effect as the 12 Lights, but just on a smaller scale.


Looking for a really dramatic centerpiece chandelier that is sure to drop jaws? Then our 12’x12′ Beaded Chandelier is what you are looking for! We built this gorgeous chandelier by hand in our warehouse, and we designed it to be a real show stopper. It is a perfect 12’x12′ square, with a 9′ drop of crystal beads. Gorgeous!

tiered chandies

We also designed and built a 9’x9′ and 6’x6′ Beaded Chandelier that can be nested inside the 12’x12′ Beaded Chandelier to really WOW your guests.

Love chandeliers but want something a bit more rustic? We’ve got you covered!

Candle Chandelier - Leal 2 copy

Our 30 Candle Iron Chandeliers are simplistic and beautiful. And yes, those are all real candles! The flickering candle light is so romantic, which fits in perfectly with weddings!

photo 3-1

These 5 Light Iron Orbs are one of the newest additions to our inventory, and we are absolutely obsessed with them! They are so fun and chic.

Want to see some more chandelier options? This is only a little peek at our inventory, which is always expanding, so please contact us for a consultation to see everything we have to offer!

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