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Kate Boyle, The Club at Ruby Hill {Creative Partner Spotlight}

We are thrilled to shine our spotlight Kate Boyle to the blog today! Kate is the Private Events Administrative Assistant at The Club at Ruby Hill, which means she’s the one keeping the trains moving for all of their onsite events.

Get to know Kate and how she supports couples at The Club at Ruby Hill!

The Club at Ruby Hill | Creative Partner Spotlight | Livermore wedding venue

Tell us a bit about your professional background. What brought you to the event industry?

I started my career at the front desk of a local hotel in San Ramon with the goal of gaining experience in the hospitality industry because that is my major in college. I really enjoyed the work, even though our only event space was a business meeting room.

I started in June with The Club at Ruby Hill working the front desk and quickly became interested in all of the detailed Event Orders. I would write down the timelines in my downtime so that I could be informed if a guest were to come ask me anything, as they often did!

After seeing how busy the wedding season has been, the leadership team welcomed me to the office to assist the Private Events Manager and the sales team with administrative tasks like processing invoices and deposits. I look forward to gaining more experience in the events business and would one day be interested in working to plan music festivals!

What do you love about your job at The Club at Ruby Hill?

I love the team atmosphere here at The Club and its inspiring to see the backstage process that goes into planning a wedding! My favorite part about The Club is the golf and social atmosphere that surrounds us which makes for a great work environment.

If you could share one wedding planning tip with an engaged couple, what would you tell them?

If I could share one wedding planning tip with an engaged couple it would be to enjoy the process! It can be easy to get overwhelmed with specific details but staying organized and starting early makes for a huge advantage. I’ve seen engaged couples create their own blog-type website dedicated to all of their details along with a specific email address that they correspond to all of their vendors that way they don’t get lost in their personal inboxes.

We’re delighted to welcome Kate to the Livermore wedding community, and we can’t wait to continue our collaboration!

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Venues: Outdoor vs. Indoor – Which is better?

Planning a wedding is hard.  That’s a no-brainer.  All of the emotions and ideas have a way of creating chaos like no other.  This is the event where everything matters — all the big and small details. One of the hardest decisions you’ll face is researching venues and selecting the one that will bring your dream wedding to life. 

Should it be indoors with high ceilings, A/C, heat, and soaring windows?  Or, should Mother Nature be the backdrop for your wedding photos and as you stand at the altar and exchange vows?  

With all the pros and cons for both, weighing out potential venues can be difficult.  Luckily, we’ve compiled a handful of tips to help you make the best decision for your big day.  After all, choosing your venue can feel like half the battle has been won!  (Well, almost.)

Let’s get right into things.

outdoor venues

Outdoor Events: Pros

2020 has undoubtedly changed the way we do many things, like picking a venue. A major perk of outdoor weddings is that they are lower-risk due to the open-air setting.  Social distancing is easier to manage when you have acres of real estate with an uncompromised view of the altar!  

However, there are many other reasons to celebrate love in the great outdoors.  Imagine a backdrop of lush greenery, mountains, or ocean waves kissing the sand as you say, “I do!”  Plus, the decor can be simple!  Verdant green fields complemented by floral-filled gardens or the contrast of blue water against soft sand can serve as decor that complements your big day.  Natural beauty wins!  

Psst, don’t forget about natural lighting — it is unmatched for stunning wedding photos!  Or, plan for the perfect sunset picture with your partner that is bar none. Cue the heart eyes!   


Outdoor Events: Cons

Mother Nature, as beautiful as she is, is an untameable force.  Your beautiful, natural backdrop comes with a chance of rain or strong winds that can ruin hairstyles, cause wardrobe malfunctions, or compromise the venue decor.  Heat, humidity, pollen, or creepy crawler friends can also bring some discomfort to you and your guest.

Outdoor venues also require more contingency plans. Consider these questions before selecting your outdoor venue:

  • Where do you and your guests go if it rains?  
  • Is there a cost to the “plan B” location?  
  • Can guests wear heels?  
  • Will your centerpiece hold against strong gusts of winds?  
  • How well will your buttercream wedding cake hold against the heat?  
  • Will your caterers be able to keep the food at the right temperature?  
  • Are there any permits or restrictions (including noise ordinances) that are required?  
  • Is there enough power for entertainment equipment?   
  • Will you need to rent canopies, tables, chairs, and linens, flatware to place the sound system and possibly portable restrooms and generators?  

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when celebrating in the great outdoors. But, for most who choose outdoor venues, being one with nature is well worth the extra considerations!

indoor venues

Indoor Events: Pros

Undeniably, the best thing about an indoor wedding venue is CONTROL.  There is a sense of confidence knowing that weather will not be as big of an issue with indoor wedding venues.  There is freedom when climate control is a guarantee!  

Logistics will be easier for the guests, caterers, coordinators, and the army of event pros that’ll make your wedding dreams come true.  Most venues provide the basics of tables, chairs, and even linens. Still, at a bare minimum, you can rest assured that the venue comes fully equipped with power outlets, bathrooms, and a kitchen area — features that you won’t typically find outdoors. 

Indoor venues also tend to be more handicap accessible.  Whatever cake you choose, the frosting will hold up — so go for the buttercream icing!  Plus, you don’t have to worry about whether food will be stored at the proper temperature. Get fancy and serve that charcuterie board, confidently knowing that it will hold up throughout your entire event! 


Indoor Events: Cons

Keep in mind, though, that indoor venues come with their own set of nuances.  There are possible decor restrictions. Maybe the rustic, candlelit look cannot be fully executed because your barn venue doesn’t allow fire due to the hazard. Other venues may not let you hang anything from the ceilings, so you will need to adhere and work around their established look.

You will also need to consider if the venue holds your number of guests.  With limited space available, cutting down the guest list can get hard.  Do your guests get a good view from any place that they are sitting?  Will artificial lighting be used?  Lighting for the perfect photos can be a challenge, especially if the venue is dim and there are not enough windows to let the natural lighting in. Fortunately, you can book a lighting company to come in and solve that problem!  

Ultimately, it is your big day and what you envision is what matters most.  With every decision, make sure to weigh out your pros and cons — all the details matter, from the season to the time of the day.  Before signing on the dotted line, read all the details and fine print.  Ask all the questions — they are never in vain!

What Has Janan Ali of The Club at Ruby Hill Been Doing in Quarantine?

This is a part of our Creative Partner Spotlight: Quarantine Edition series, where we show you what our creative partners from all around the Bay Area have been up to during quarantine. Today, we’re checking in with Janan Ali of The Club at Ruby Hill

What has been your favorite part about quarantine? Spending quality time with my family has been a blessing! I have been savoring the additional hours I have, usually spent commuting, to enjoy the simple things in life. I am always running out the door to the next event on my calendar and to have the time to sit back and take a breath has been amazing, although tough to get used to. I have also been working on house projects and organizing things at home which would have never gotten done otherwise!

What has been your least favorite part about quarantine? I have always enjoyed filling my schedule with all kinds of activities and it has been tough to slow down and not be able to hang out with friends and spend time with my nieces who I adore! The fear of a hug or hand shake takes a toll on you after awhile. Working from home has also been an adjustment and I miss seeing my co workers and clients on a daily basis. I am big on traveling and it has been hard to cancel all the planned trips we had this year.

How have you been spending your time? I keep my sanity with the gym every morning! I am lucky enough to have a boyfriend with a gym in his garage so we have been keeping a strict workout schedule 5-6 days a week. He is my motivation and we have come to enjoy being workout partners! We were supposed to fly to Arizona in April for the annual 4.2 mile Pat’s Run for the Pat Tillman Foundation, when our trip was cancelled we did our own run instead! I have also been busy working with clients to navigate through this unknown time and trying to provide them with some sort of comfort and hope that their weddings and events will go on! It has been fulfilling to see the educational courses provided through WIPA and WeddingPro and how other vendors in our industry are handling the situation and creative ideas.

What are your favorite local restaurants to order take out from? I have been trying to cook more as I have always loved cooking but found it hard to find the time to do it. Learning new recipes and testing them out on the fam has been fun! Once a week I order from The Club at Ruby Hill as we have a fabulous To Go Menu weekly. Our culinary team creates family meals as well as drink specials. My favorite so far was the Taco Joint menu with delicious margaritas made by our one and only Membership Coordinator Camille. They really brighten up my week!

What have you been binge watching? Tiger King of course! Addicting and so very strange, you just can’t stop watching. Also, Ozark is a great one!

Have you celebrated a birthday or event during quarantine? How did you do it? My niece Lilyana’s 3rd birthday was on 4/6. Although her party was cancelled we tried our best to make her celebration special. We dropped off gifts at the house and she opened her presents and we sang Happy Birthday on Facetime. She didn’t quite understand why we couldn’t just come over!

What are you looking forward to most when all of this is over? Celebrating happy occasions with my clients is something I miss a great deal. Also, meeting up with friends and celebrating all the milestones in their lives. I LOVE to travel and hope to continue my bucket list of travel destinations.

Have you learned any new skills during quarantine? I have accomplished the Koala Challenge on Tik Tok which is not an easy task and I am currently learning how to paint a garage floor. I will let you know how it goes. Wish me luck!