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Party Add-Ons For Your Reception

Wedding receptions are a venue for guests to let loose and celebrate the union of two newlyweds. Sure, music will be the main source of entertainment, however there are other party add-ons that can enhance your soiree. You’d be surprised by what your DJ could contribute to the reception besides turntables! There are also many companies that offer unique rentals. Elevating the guest experience is what the reception is all about so don’t forget the add-ons!

When deciding on which party add-ons to include during your reception, make the DJ your first stop for suggestions. They are, of course, your entertainment experts! Some DJs are able to throw in fully customizable photo booths with their packages. Couple this with a trunk full of props and you will have another party on your hands! Outside of photo booths, ask about your DJ’s lighting services. Custom monograms and uplighting can completely transform the look and feel of your reception.

After you have sorted out your lighting and photo booth options, set your sights on party rental companies that offer concession items like snow cone and antique popcorn machines. These are an excellent way to keep your guests satisfied between the ceremony and reception. No one can resist the aroma of freshly popped kernels!

Lastly, what’s a party without games? Move the celebration outside with a few rounds of horseshoe or corn hole. If going outside isn’t an option, set board games or puzzles on each table. Whichever avenue you choose, your guests are sure to have a good time breaking the ice with a little friendly competition.

End your wedding night with a bang by throwing a reception that your guests will never forget. You can’t go wrong when you pack great food, music and party add-ons into the ultimate wedding experience!

Proudly serving Bay Area Weddings for over twenty years, Fantasy Sound aims to be engaged couples’ first stop- offering Disc Jockey, Videography, Event Lighting Décor and Wedding Planning services. They are fueled by great ideas paired with strong coffee, and will never turn down a piece of red velvet wedding cake.

How To: Make Sure Your Reception Memorable

Hooray, you’ve just gotten married and now it’s time to celebrate your big day at your reception! Luckily, you’ve read our tips for how to make sure your reception is fun for all of your guests, even the ones that aren’t planning on getting on the dance floor! Here are some of our favorite ways to make sure everyone is having a blast at your reception:

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Table Activities

Not all of your guests may be able to dance the whole night long, so you’ll want to be sure to provide some additional entertainment at each table. We love the idea of creating personalized table games that will be fun for guests of all ages! For example, one creative idea is to design a wedding or newlywed themed Mad Libs game. (Be prepared for some nonsense – that’s the fun!) Another fun table idea is to have booklets with questions for guests, such as “What should we do on date nights?” or “What’s your secret to a happy marriage?” Provide pens at each table so that guests can fill out each question for you and your new spouse to read after the wedding. These activities will keep everyone laughing and will be an easy icebreaker for guests to get to know one another.

Outdoor Games

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you may find the space to set up some fun yard games! By setting up backyard favorites, like cornhole and horseshoes, guests will have the chance to stay active and partake in some friendly competition. These games are a great way for guests to mingle and share a laugh over a specialty cocktail.

Kid Zone

If children will be attending your wedding, you’ll want to plan in advance to have a kid-friendly area to keep them entertained and having a good time. Whether it’s an art table with craft supplies or a wedding-themed coloring book, there are a number of ways to ensure the kids enjoy your wedding just as much as their parents. Another easy idea is to provide some of your favorite childhood board games, like Chutes and Ladders or Candy Land. Who knows, you may even get some adults in on the games!

DIY Food Tables

Make-your-own-food stations provide a fun way to give your guests some late night munchies when their feet are tired. Some of our favorite DIY food ideas are make-your-grilled-cheese or customizable mac ‘n’ cheese bars. Throw in some bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, and whatever else tickles your fancy! A simple dessert version of this is an ice cream buffet, full of every topping under the sun! These interactive tables will keep guests talking about what they created and will help ensure no one leaves hungry! 

Of course, these are just a few ways to make sure all of your guests feel included in your wedding celebration and to make sure everyone’s having a fun time. You can take these ideas and customize them to work for you and your guests for a party to remember!

Proudly serving Bay Area Weddings for over twenty years, Fantasy Sound aims to be engaged couples’ first stop- offering Disc Jockey, Videography, Event Lighting Décor and Wedding Planning services. They are fueled by great ideas paired with strong coffee, and will never turn down a piece of red velvet wedding cake.