Happy Holidays

Happy holidays to all! We hope you are having a wonderful holiday season full of food, family and fun. With the thought of fresh starts and resolutions on our minds, we are so very thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new web site!


Planning a wedding should be an exciting time, but it seems too easy to let it become a stressful process. Lucky for you, we are here to help! Get ready because in 2015, we will have regular features on how to help you through the journey of wedding planning. Are you, for example wondering how to select the right venue? How do you pick the perfect playlist for your big day? We plan to cover these and more over the year. Have a burning

We will also be occasionally showcasing real Fantasy Sound weddings with the hopes of inspiring upcoming brides. Can’t get enough of hanging out with us? We’ll be sure to make it happen with our frequent “Where in the World is Fantasy Sound” updates . Our blog will also be the way we announce the new products we’ll be featuring in the upcoming year (and they will be great, so keep an eye out!).

We are looking forward to an exciting year here at Fantasy Sound and we sincerely thank you for your constant support!

Proudly serving Bay Area Weddings for over twenty years, Fantasy Sound aims to be engaged couples’ first stop- offering Disc Jockey, Videography, Event Lighting Décor and Wedding Planning services. They are fueled by great ideas paired with strong coffee, and will never turn down a piece of red velvet wedding cake.

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