What Has Jinger Leonard-Norton of The Flower House Been Doing in Quarantine?

This is a part of our Creative Partner Spotlight: Quarantine Edition series, where we show you what our creative partners from all around the Bay Area have been up to during quarantine. Today, we’re checking in with Jinger Leonard-Norton of The Flower House

What has been your favorite part about quarantine? I have my children home with me! I would be pretty upset if I knew I could not take care of them. I have been having fun connecting to my daughter more than just business. I am also excited as I have wanted to remodel my back yard for 10 years and we made it a family project. We took out two trees, fixed the sprinklers in the lawn, and are building raised planter boxes to grow my own vegetables. I am not sure how it is going to go as I am not the best gardener!

What has been your least favorite part about quarantine? I struggle with the gym! That is really the only thing that is frustrating as I was working out so hard and dieting for my wedding… then I stopped. The weight is pouring on and feel horrible but mentally challenged about working out by myself, no music, etc… And I miss going out to dinner and alone time with my new husband Barry.

How have you been spending your time? I am feeling really blessed to have the time to work on my business. Updating the website, our brochure, organizing our photos, creating templates, resetting a lot of items for work. I have also participated in every educational webinar available. So thrilled about learning items to make me rethink a few things and reinvent and pivot my business. Remodeling the backyard, walking the dogs and cooking a million meals. I have also become a great bartender!

What are your favorite local restaurants to order take out from? We have 5 adults in the house, so I have been mainly cooking to keep costs down. We have splurged on Strings, Strizzies, Brunos, Anitas.

What have you been binge watching? All American, Tiger King, Love is Blind, and Disney Fairytale Weddings

Have you learned any new skills during quarantine? Michaela and I have discovered Tik Tok! I have always worried what people thought of me and this silly app has helped me realize that I want to have fun, create memories with my daughter, and show my clients and vendors I know how to laugh at myself and not take everything so seriously. I guess I am relaxing as I mature!

Have you celebrated a birthday or event during quarantine? How did you do it? My daughter’s fiancée Connor celebrated his birthday on April 11, we surprised him with a Flemings steak dinner, baked a cake and at 8 pm a surprised Zoom call with all of his family and friends to sing Happy Birthday and finished off with a fire pit and cocktails. He was extremely emotional, and said it was one of the birthdays ever!

What are you looking forward to most when all of this is over? I really love my job, creating beautiful things, pushing my limits and having work for my employees that I love so much. Going out to dinner and our Sunday Brunches, wine tasing, lunch with my girlfriends, I love taking care of me, so hair and nails are the first things that will happen.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? I am appreciative of the opportunity to rest, reset and prioritize my life. As I am dying to get back to work, I know I will not go back to the same way as I lived it so for that I say Thank You.