How To: Select a Color Palette That Wows

We all know that a color scheme plays a large part in the production of a wedding, so it’s not surprising that it’s often the first thing a couple must decide. The choice of color palette affects many of the elements of a traditional wedding – linens, cake design, floral design, lighting, and more. A quick scroll through Pinterest will reveal every possible color combination imaginable, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for you. The colors you choose will pave the way for your wedding planning adventure, so be sure to put a lot of thought into the matter. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with something you grow tired of!

Talk it out
You and your partner must discuss the color palette before making any major decisions. Before even picking colors, the first question you’ll want to discuss is whether you want to go bold or subtle with your theme. While bold colors tend to make things pop, softer colors tend to mesh better together and are a safer option. The choice is yours – just be sure there’s equal input!

Just pick two
Stick to one or two main colors, especially if you’re choosing a bold palette. Oftentimes, choosing too many hues can be loud or overwhelming, so sticking to just a couple will keep things aesthetically pleasing. Note that we say two main colors – this doesn’t include neutral shades like grey, white, or champagne. These secondary colors are wonderful for complementing your main colors, not only to tone them down but also to make them pop more! (Think about it like this – one fuchsia flower will stick out of a bouquet of all white flowers more than it will in a bouquet full of all different colors.)

Test it out
Try out the color scheme in different ways – add the shades to your wardrobe, incorporate it into your home – anything that will cause you to see it frequently. Tired of it after a few days? Pick new colors! You’re going to become intimately familiar with these shades in months to come and you won’t want your eyes to be hurting later on.

Pick your favorite color
Sometimes, it’s that simple. As long as you and your partner agree, your favorite color is a great choice for your wedding. (Bonus points if your colors are complementary!) Not only will it speak to your personality, but it also means all of the leftover décor will be in your favorite shade to take home. Win-win! A great way to jazz up your favorite color is to choose a number of different shades from the family. Love purple? Incorporate both lavender and deep violet hues around the wedding area.

Last, but certainly not least, do what you want!
This is YOUR wedding. Our tips are simply suggestions to help you on your journey to ‘I do.’ If you want a rainbow-themed wedding, have a rainbow-themed wedding! Maybe you’ll even start a new trend. Tune out your mother insisting that orange just won’t work well. Forget that your number-one frenemy already used the perfect mint color scheme. Who cares? As long as you and your partner are happy with it, we guarantee that you’ll make it work for your dream wedding.

Happy planning!

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