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Ice themed holiday party with Elsa

5 Elements of a Memorable Holiday Party

One of the best ways to kick off the holiday season? By hosting an unforgettable holiday party for your friends and colleagues. Holiday parties are more than a tradition–they create lasting memories and meaningful relationships. While this season is typically stressful because of Q4 deadlines and last-minute shopping, a celebration allows people to relax and enjoy themselves.

If you’re starting to brainstorm, let us inspire you with our list of 5 essential elements for a memorable holiday party!

Have a Stunning Lighting Design

The right lighting can set the mood for your holiday affair by adding a touch of warmth. While DIY is always an option, avoid using LED and fluorescent lights, which can make your décor look unflattering and cheap. Instead, we recommend getting professional event lighting to transform the ambiance.

High-quality lights can make the event space look more sophisticated and emphasize key areas of the venue, like the decorated tree or buffet table. Some types of event lighting include gobo wash, custom monograms, and uplighting.

With the support of a professional, you can create a dreamy winter wonderland. Wondering how to achieve this look? Customize the lighting hues, hang string lights in the venue, or add a chandelier to infuse magic into the celebration.    

Hire Entertainment That Wows

Beyond the lighting, you can make the party even more remarkable with the right entertainment. Live music, interactive performances, and games are excellent ways to engage your guests and ensure everyone has a fun evening.

Consider hiring a DJ or live band to elevate the energy and liven up the crowds. A well-curated tracklist will encourage guests to dance the night away. What’s more memorable than getting lost in the music? 

In addition, you can spread the festive spirit with holiday-themed performers, organize trivia games, and set up a photo booth. Arrange a meeting with your co-hosts to brainstorm exciting entertainment. 

If you need more ideas, get some insight from the people on the guest list and apply their suggestions to the holiday party. 

Opt For Audio-Visual Excellence 

Audio-visual (AV) equipment is essential for a seamless party experience, as it ensures the technical elements run smoothly, like the sound quality and visual effects.

Top-notch sound systems are a must for music, speeches, and announcements. After all, the last thing you want is high-pitched feedback while presenting. For visual enhancements, projection screens and LED displays can create a visually stunning result, complementing the holiday theme. 

AV equipment also pairs well with interactive activities, like trivia games and live polls. So, if you’re planning a holiday-themed quiz, your technology can make the experience dynamic and fun.

While AV technology can transform a holiday party, it can also cause glitches. Fortunately, you can avoid the hiccups by following these key tips:

  • Test your equipment ahead of time
  • Use reliable technology 
  • Prepare for the unpredictable with backup devices
  • Hire professionals to oversee the AV equipment
  • Check the network connectivity
  • Do a practice run with the technology before the event

Capture Memories With Photo Booths 

Photo booths are a fun interactive experience for guests. An excellent icebreaker, they’re perfect for group photos and offer a unique keepsake from the night. Photo booths come in many different forms. For instance, open-air stalls are customizable and allow more people to get involved with the experience. Closed photo booths are a classic option, providing privacy for guests to let loose and be silly together. 

There are endless ways to immerse everyone in the holiday spirit with a photo booth. You can design the backdrop with your event’s color palette, use themed props, like holiday signage and reindeer antlers, and have participants add photos and personalized messages to a guestbook. 

Use Thoughtful Décor and Details

Décor can complete the ultimate holiday aesthetic. Whether you want a North Pole or Winter Wonderland theme, your decorations can sweep guests off their feet and transport them to a new world. 

You don’t have to be a design aficionado to achieve a holiday vibe. To start, gain inspiration from Pinterest and get clear on your vision. Select a color scheme and coordinate elements, like napkins and ornaments, for a cohesive look. One way you can do this is with your tablescape. Dress up the tables with holiday place cards and centerpieces with pinecones and pillar candles. 

Don’t be afraid to go all out with wreaths, garlands, stockings, and ornaments. You can also establish focal points for extra wow factor. For example, a beautifully decorated tree or a cozy lounge area. Like the lighting and entertainment, décor can take your event to the next level and give your attendees something worth remembering. 

Ready to host an unforgettable party?

A lot goes into a showstopping celebration, from the lights and technology to the interactive activities and décor. If this blog post inspired you, bookmark it and share it with your team. Then, hire a professional event crew like us to bring your vision to life.

Fantasy Sound specializes in event lighting, entertainment, AV equipment, and photo booths. Get in touch today to weave these stunning elements into your holiday party and host the biggest bash of the year!

Holiday Party at Casa Real | Sequoia

We’ve been eager to share this holiday party at Casa Real with you, and we’re thrilled the time has come! Sequoia is always showing out for their company celebrations — we’ve transformed Casa Real into everything from a circus to a glam Hollywood flashback. So this time, we couldn’t wait to embrace the winter wonderland theme!

holiday party at casa real | winter event design

From the all-white tablescapes to the glistening chandeliers throughout the space, we like to think we had the wintry vibe on lock. I mean, just see for yourself!

reception design | Sequoia holiday party at Casa Real banquet hall design | Sequoia holiday party at Casa Real

But this celebration wasn’t just about design and décor… It was all about the guest experience! Hello, just take a peek at this sweet S’mores bar that was set outside. And on such a beautiful day, too!

s'mores bar at Casa Real | Sequoia holiday party s'mores bar at holiday party | Casa Real

We had hand-drawn caricatures, aerial performers, ballet dancers, a DIY fry bar, and so much more. Heck, even the Abominable Snowman and Buddy the Elf came to party with us!

holiday themed corporate party at Casa Real holiday themed company party | Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery

Without a doubt, the show-stopping moment was when Nina Sawant came out and wowed the guests with her aerial performance!

aerial performer Nina Sawant at Casa Real holiday party Nina Sawant - aerial dancer at Casa Real holiday party | Livermore CA event lighting design aerial performer Nina Sawant | Sequoia holiday party at Casa Real

And, of course, we couldn’t miss out on the wintry ballet performance. What a treat! The stage was decked out with everything needed to transform the space into a wonderland.

Winter Wonderland Event Design | Livermore CA event lighting Holiday Party at Casa Real | Winter Wonderland Ballet Dancers from Circosphere

Meanwhile, guests were free to have their caricatures done and interact with roaming performers throughout the space.

Circosphere Caricature Artist | Livermore CA corporate event Experiential Event Design | Holiday Party at Casa Real

As you can see, Sequoia really pulled out all of the stops for this one-of-a-kind event! Our creative team paired flawless aesthetics with an unforgettable experiential event design. We’re already looking forward to our next Sequoia event — it’s sure to be a blast!

Above all, we’d like to send our thanks to our amazing creative partners for helping us bring this holiday party at Casa Real to life!

Photos: Eli Zaturanski | @elipoint
Design & Florals: Nicole Ha Design | @nicolehadesign
Lighting & Installation: Fantasy Sound Event Services | @fseevents
Venue: Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery| @casarealevents
Rentals: Pleasanton Rentals | @pleasantonrentals
Rentals: A Party Place
Dance Performance & Atmosphere: LA Follies | @LAFollies
Aerialist Performance: Nina Sawant | @_ninauiu_
Caricaturist & Silhouette Artists: Circosphere | @circosphere