How To: Scale Back When You’ve Gone Over Budget

So you’ve gone a bit over your budget for the wedding – it’s okay, really! You and your partner are not the first and will certainly not be the last couple to go a little overboard with wedding expenses. The key to budgeting for your wedding is knowing where to indulge and where you should be trimming the fat. A few scale backs here and there will have you back on budget in no time and one step closer to your dream wedding!

Who doesn’t love a fun DIY project! Make your own wedding invitations and save the date notifications in lieu of outsourcing. There are tons of great companies, like David’s Bridal and Canva, that will allow you to create stunning invitations online that won’t break the bank. What better way to invite guests to your wedding than with invitations designed with your own personal touch!

If you find yourself having to scale back on wedding expenses, it wouldn’t hurt to look back over your floral budget. When trying to save pennies, staying in season with your floral selections is key. For example, having peonies at your October wedding may not be the best idea considering that peonies typically bloom in the springtime. Consider whether or not there are other areas in your budget that you would prefer spending the extra money it would cost to import out-of-season florals. Also, think of alternatives like garden roses or opting for more greenery in your floral arrangements. Your florist will be the very best expert to turn to and help guide you with creative options.

There are a plethora of options when it comes to your wedding menu and it is important to weigh them when scaling back in your budget. For instance, having a buffet instead a formal sit-down dinner may be more cost efficient. You won’t have to worry about supplying a wait staff or costly table décor because guests will be spending a considerable amount of time traveling between their tables and the buffet. Lastly, reconsider the type of food you will be serving. Try opting for lighter finger foods over a full three-course meal. Not sure what’s the best fit for you? Touch base with your caterer to brainstorm ideas!

Scaling back doesn’t mean your wedding entertainment has to suffer. If the band you booked is stretching your budget a little thin, think about going with a DJ instead. Booking a DJ is a great way to get a lot of bang for your buck. Wedding DJs not only provide music, they can emcee and supply lighting for the reception.

Planning a wedding may not always go according to your pre-planned budgeting goals. However, there are endless ways to scale back and still create the same wedding experience you envisioned from the start!

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