Meet Sarah Hagerty of Hagerty Photography!

This is a part of our Creative Collaboration series, where we introduce you to our creative partners from all around the Bay Area. Today, we’re introducing you to Sarah Hagerty of Hagerty Photography.

Sarah Hagerty is the owner and lead photographer of Hagerty Photography, a company that specializes in capturing great stories. Hagerty Photography captures timeless, modern & elegant wedding photography. On the most ordinary of days, a fab photographer can snap an image that will blow you away. It’s all about the lighting, focus, and picture-perfect timing. But this is no ordinary day. This is a one-of-a-kind, in-the-spotlight, knock-their-socks-off-when-you-stroll-down-the-aisle kind of day and that calls for more than just a fab photographer.

We asked Sarah about her favorite part about being involved in a wedding:
My favorite part about being involved in a wedding is knowing that I hold a big piece of a memory that will last forever. Just as we look at old photo prints from our parents and parents, parents, etc etc. our clients receive pictures to enjoy forever.

What’s truly amazing about my job is that I continue to be inspired every day. At any given moment, you might find me with a couple saying, “All right, we’re done for the day.” Then something will catch my eye – contrasting colors or a one-of-a-kind backdrop – and we’re on to the next shot. When I find a great composition with emotional lighting, I get so excited. My clients can attest to the fact that I’m practically giddy when the subject, the setting, and the lighting come together perfectly. How many people can say that they feel giddy about their job? Now that’s inspiring.

Sarah’s best advice for couples:
Have fun! Let the process be a blast. Two pieces of advice –

1) Lighting – the more, the merrier. Pin lighting rocks my world! It allows your guests to see you and all of the gorgeous details AND your pictures look extra spectacular.

2) I would absolutely recommend meeting with a wedding planner. If hiring a planner from start to finish isn’t in your budget, then have a wedding planner there for the day of the wedding only. Your ceremony, reception, and all of the special moments in between will not only look amazing, but they’ll seem to flow together effortlessly. Leave the details of the day in the hands of a professional and enjoy a stress-free, gorgeous wedding that you’ll love to look back on for the rest of your life.

Thank you for sharing, Sarah!

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