Floral Designer: Why You Need the Wedding Pros

The DIY wedding movement has inspired many couples to tackle their celebration on their own, from wedding planning to photography to lighting to flowers. Unfortunately, those who hop on this trend often struggle to bring their vision to life. Rather than a simple and fun crafting experience, the DIY approach quickly becomes complicated and exhausting. 

One of the most popular trends is DIYing flower arrangements. Flowers are a wedding staple that can transform the ambiance and feel of your event. Blooms also dress up the big day and live on in photographs, so you’ll want them to be picture-perfect.

Although designing flowers seems easy, several details go into a beautiful arrangement. Without experience, you could risk poor presentation on your wedding day. It’s not worth the stress or disappointment. So skip the headaches and opt for a professional who can provide stunning flowers. 

If you’re still undecided about this topic, keep reading to determine the best solution for you and your partner – going DIY or pro. 

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Risks of DIY Wedding Florals

Designing your bouquets and centerpieces is more complex than tossing grocery store flowers together. You don’t want a random assortment of statement flowers. Instead, a great arrangement includes proportion, colors, balance, and shapes. You and your partner are likely unfamiliar with flower types and floral combinations (which is normal!). That’s why attempting to DIY your blooms can result in a mediocre and disappointing display.

Timing is also a critical factor. Wedding flowers must be fresh, so you’ll need to procure and arrange them in the days leading up to your wedding. However, this is when couples are typically busy with other engagements, like spending time with out-of-town guests and picking up attire. With a hectic schedule, finding time to care for your flowers is hard. 

In addition to time and expertise, proper storage is a must. Your flowers require a temperature-controlled space. But many people don’t have access to a place like this, so keeping your flowers alive can be challenging, especially in the warm seasons. 

These factors can result in poor-quality blooms for your wedding day, compromising your vision. Instead, hire a professional florist, so you can rest assured your flowers will be fresh and vibrant as you make your way down the aisle. 

Perks of Hiring a Pro Florist

You can expect the best attention and care when you bring a professional on board. A florist specializes in design elements like balance, proportion, and scale. With expertise in these concepts, they know how to apply them perfectly to your vision. They can also incorporate your color palette to ensure your theme is cohesive. So whether you want an all-white aesthetic or a pastel display, a floral designer will deliver showstopping results. 

Your florist will also collaborate with your team. From hanging greenery from a chandelier to dressing up a cake with flowers, they can connect with your vendors, so you don’t have to worry about the details. All you have to do is offer your vision and let them work their magic.

In addition, wedding pros are familiar with local venues, which means there’s a good chance your floral designer has worked at yours. This takes the decision-making pressure off your shoulders because they’ll know the best areas on the property to add flowers, like the location of your formal portraits and ceremony.    

Breathe Life Into Your Special Day With Gorgeous Arrangements

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you and your partner should enjoy every moment. Rather than burdening yourself with endless responsibilities, like arranging your own flowers, let a wedding pro do it for you. 

Hiring a floral designer may be the difference between breathtaking blooms and wilting flowers. So take this opportunity to research florists in the area and find the right match for your celebration. Your floral arrangements will make your event more memorable, especially when you look at your wedding photos.  

We recommend consulting your venue for references, but if you need more support, get in touch today so we can connect you with a floral designer!

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