How To: Be a Supportive Best Man/MOH

When it comes to getting married, every bride and groom needs their best buddies by their side. Whether it’s your childhood pal or your college roommate, it’s up to you to support your friend as they go through the planning process, leading up to the big day. When you get asked to be a part of the wedding party, it’s quite the exciting experience – but, what happens next? What do you have to do? If you haven’t been a best man or maid of honor before, there are some ropes you’ll have to learn to be just that – the best person for the job.


Whatever you do, listen! This is a major moment in your friend’s life and he or she chose YOU to be their right-hand person. Consider this an honor and give them your undivided attention when they need a pair of ears. They will depend on you to be the person who will listen to all things wedding (but don’t be afraid to kindly set some boundaries – 2 a.m. calls are not cool!).


Do Something Special
It doesn’t have to be Vegas (but it could be!) – consider what your friend values in life and throw a little something special for him or her. Does she love spending time with her girls and chatting over a glass of wine? Take her away to a vineyard for a day or two and enjoy all the wine they have to offer! Is he a huge fan of the local team? Whisk him away to dinner and a game – even better if it’s on the road!


Know the Game Plan
Whether there’s a wedding planner or not, both brides and grooms will be comforted by having a close friend around who has their wits about them. Understand the time schedule, prepare transportation, consult with the planner, check in with the officiant, and, if possible, take a peek at the setup to ensure that their wedding will go off without a hitch. Make sure they have enough to eat and drink during the day (believe it or not, some people forget to eat while caught up in the whirlwind of their wedding!).


Write a Speech
Most weddings include speeches by the best man and maid of honor, so it’s up to you to bring some tears and lots of laughs to the crowd of friends and family. Start writing the speech early on in the planning process so you’re not rushing the night of the day before – plus, you can always add things if you think of them. Funny times, sweet moments – include anything you think will touch your buddy’s heart, but whatever you do, don’t say anything that will embarrass them in front of Grandma!


Be on Lookout
We all have that relative who is quite the chatterbox. It’s up to you to make sure that Grandpa Joe isn’t hogging up the bride and groom’s time – they’ll want to visit with everyone! Take one for the team and ask Grandpa about his favorite fishing hole and let the Mr. and Mrs. escape to the next well-wisher.

*Oh, and here’s a bonus tip – don’t drink too much at the wedding! The last thing you’ll want is a slurred speech and an embarrassing wedding video – let your friend have the spotlight.

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