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Balancing Wedding Planning with Life’s Demands

You’re engaged! Congrats! Soak it in because it just got real — yes, the wedding planning just got real. We get the pressures and demands that planning a wedding requires. We also understand that juggling a career while planning said wedding can be extra stressful. From touring venues, visiting wedding expos, attending food and cake tastings, and then responding to endless work emails — is 24 hours in a day enough?  

Now, the objective is not to scare you but to help you. We have compiled a few tips that’ll kick off the wedding planning journey!  

wedding planning

Keep work and wedding planning completely separate.

Don’t try to work on wedding stuff while you are in the office. Consider this a rule of thumb. We get it; it’s just an email here, a quick Google search there, but like all things: wedding planning deserves your undivided attention the same way your career does. 

Consider using your lunchtime to tackle those small tasks like sending that email to your potential vendor. You don’t want to send the wrong email to the incorrect person (or distro list — yikes!).  You also want to avoid forgetting to read the fine print because you skimmed through a contract while juggling other work matters.

For an effective time management strategy, try block scheduling. Set certain days for specific tasks. Tuesdays can be for research, Thursday evenings for DIY projects, and Saturdays for shopping! However you choose to slice and dice it, be intentional with your focus. Balance and strategy are key!

Ask for help!

Nobody wants to feel like a bother, but real talk: Planning a wedding is hard work!  Delegate small tasks to those that offer to help. Perhaps your bridal party can assist with sending out or tracking RSVPs or help with the party favors. Get your partner involved, too! 

If help is proposed, do not be afraid to take the person up on their offer. And if nobody is quick to raise their hand, kindly asking for help will do you no harm. Also, don’t forget about those couple friends who have hosted a wedding before. They have lots of advice!  Don’t reinvent the wheel; modify it to fit your use!  

Don’t forget to rest.

We know, there is so much to do, and setting aside evenings for wedding planning just doesn’t seem like enough time. But, rest is important! Burnout can be detrimental to your career and it can suck the fun right out of wedding planning. 

Take breaks. Go on date nights. Be intentional about being present with your partner. Explore new music together.  Plan a weekend getaway. Your livelihood should not revolve around wedding planning but around the love you two share!

Planning a wedding while maintaining professional poise can feel burdensome and like a juggling act, but it doesn’t have to be! Plan for the unforeseen and receive it as gracefully as possible. If your budget allows it, hire a wedding planner! Let them take all that responsibility off your plate. Enjoy your engagement and know that what is waiting for you on the other side of your wedding finish line is the beginning of your new forever!