Spotlight On: Heather Druba of Wente Vineyards

We have started a new feature here on the Fantasy Sound blog, and it’s called Spotlight On! We created a short little questionnaire that we sent out to some of the event professionals in the Tri-Valley, and we hope it will give you a little insight in to their lives and personalities. Our first post in this new feature comes from the wonderful Heather Druba of Wente Vineyards. Read on to get an inside look at Heather’s life outside the workplace!


1. What are three words that describe you?  Adventurous, Funny and Unconventional

2. What is your favorite object in your home and why? I love my Dia de los Muertos Display.

3. Do you have a favorite time of day? I am a mom of 2 boys under 6…so I enjoy my early morning alone time “run”.  OK – it is REALLY a very slow jog.

4. What is one of your most sentimental pieces of clothing or jewelry? I had a pair of earrings that are only made in a small town near my grandparents childhood home in Guanajuato Mexico, it is family tradition for each girl in our family to get a pair at 16.  Tragically…I lost one.  So the one remaining earing is very special for me.

5. What is your favorite tv show obsession and why?  I love Sons of Anarchy, it is a great show that is so different than my life that it intrigues me!

6. What is one restaurant where we will NEVER find you? McDonalds

7. What’s your favorite meal after a long event? Fish Tacos or ceviche!

8. What is your favorite beverage? I love champagne of all sorts.

9. When you entertain, what’s your favorite thing to serve? Fresh Salsa or Guacamole.

10. What is the one thing in life you’d like to accomplish? I want to see Africa and go on safari.

11. What song do you often find in your head? Anything by Blackberry Smoke!

12. If you weren’t in your current profession, what would you be doing instead? Silversmithing! I went to school in Taxco, Mexico where I learned how.

13. What makes you laugh?  Corny Jokes and 80’s fashion.

14. What do you wish you had known in high school that you know now?  Laughing at YOURSELF is very important….if you can’t laugh at yourself you’re not living!

15. What was the most important thing you learned from your parents? Give it your all! Don’t do things ½ way!

16. What movie could you watch on repeat for the rest of your life? Dirty Dancing!  I heart JOHNNY CASTLE!

17. What can we always find in your fridge? Assorted cheese and spreads.

18.What are you reading now? Currently catching up on past editions of both Highlights magazine and National Geographic Kids.  LOL!

19. What irritates you most about modern life? That my parents are not on Facebook!

20. What is your favorite quote? “Some people feel the rain, others just get wet”

Thanks for answering our silly little questionnaire Heather!

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