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What Has Tylar Delegeane of Tylar Delegeane Photography Been Doing in Quarantine?

This is a part of our Creative Partner Spotlight: Quarantine Edition series, where we show you what our creative partners from all around the Bay Area have been up to during quarantine. Today, we’re checking in with Tylar Delegeane of Tylar Delegeane Photography

What has been your favorite part about quarantine? I’ve been loving the time I’ve spent with my husband and our pets! We have a dog, six cats and eight chickens (a small farm, I know) so it’s been so great to spend quality time with them.

What has been your least favorite part about quarantine? I really miss working and seeing my family. I miss being outside and photographing all of my wonderful couples, laughing with them and hearing their stories. Social distancing is so tough!

How have you been spending your time? I’ve been cooking a lot more, working in our garden, reading my (very large) pile of books and coloring! I haven’t thought about coloring since I was a little girl, it’s so much fun and so relaxing.

What are your favorite local restaurants to order take out from? We live in San Leandro – home of some of the best taquerias – so we’ve been loving supporting our favorites including Los Pericos, Guadalajara Market and Tacos el Gordo!

What have you been binge watching? Friends and Gilmore Girls – hands down. All day, every day.

What are you looking forward to most when all of this is over? I can’t WAIT to photograph a wedding! I miss all of my couples so much and my heart hurts for them through all of these postponements. It’s been rough, but it’ll be so sweet when we can all celebrate again.

Have you celebrated a birthday or event during quarantine? How did you do it? I haven’t personally, but I love seeing all of the sweet birthday parades that others are posting about on social media. It always brings a smile to my face!

Have you learned any new skills during quarantine? ….does figuring out exactly how long to cook the perfect chocolate chip cookie count? Ha!