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Best Ways to Qualify Vendors

You can’t have a fantastic wedding without equally fantastic vendors! Luckily, finding the right vendors for your Big Day is just a few clicks away. Check out these wonderful resources that will help you qualify the best vendors for your wedding!

The Knot & WeddingWire
Both of these sites will be your best friends throughout the planning process. You can search for wedding vendors by category and easily find reviews and photos. You can also learn about other key details, such as pricing and amenities. On WeddingWire, the site breaks down each vendor’s rating by factors such as quality of service, responsiveness and professionalism, which can be extremely helpful!

Social Media
Now’s the time to put your social media stalking skills to good use! Head over to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see what folks are saying about your potential vendors. Check out whether or not the tone of conversation in their mentions on Twitter and comment sections on Facebook and Instagram is generally positive. Also, look up their hashtags and get a good idea of what goes on behind-the-scenes. 

There’s a wealth of information on Yelp as well. Their reviews often include photos, which is a major plus! Also, Yelp is much more than just reviews and ratings. You can request a quote through the site and find out which vendors are currently offering a deal. 

Website Testimonials
Of course, you have to visit each vendors website to take a look at their testimonials. Think about your vendor deal breakers and the quality of service you would like provided and see who matches up. If a vendor doesn’t have testimonials listed on their website, don’t be afraid to request referrals in-person. 

With these resources, you’re bound to find your ideal wedding vendors!

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A Bridal Faire Tip…

We have been working an abundance of Bridal Faires recently, and it got us thinking about ways to make the whole experience smoother for all the brides that are participating. Bridal Faires are an amazing opportunity to check out all the vendors in your area, and gain an idea for what services you are going to want to book at your wedding. They also get you to sign up for a LOT of stuff—you sign up to receive information, win contests, etc.  At the Fantasy Sound Event Services booth, we offer $100.00 Gift Certificates! If you want to save yourself some time and writers’ cramp (not to mention avoiding being one of those brides who hogs booth space), bring a sheet of pre-printed address labels that include all your information, so you don’t have to waste any time writing.

Just slap a label on their mailing list or entry form and move on.  This will also give you more time to actually talk to their vendors, and get to know them a little bit. If you are feeling rushed having to write down all of your information, chances are you won’t be able to gather as much information from them. The labels should include at least your name, the groom’s name, your wedding date, and your email address. If you don’t want vendors calling you, do not put your phone number on the label.  Giving them your phone number means you give them permission to call you, so if you would rather deal with email, feel free to just put your email address.  Same thing goes for your address.  If you don’t want them to send you information, don’t put your address on the label. More and more brides have been doing this at the Bridal Faires we have been attending, and we think it is genius! Not only can you personalize the labels, and make them as cute or as simple as you want, but it will simplify your whole day. While scouring the web for some reasonably priced labels, I stumbled upon www.myweddinglabels.com, and it offers thousands of options, if you want to dress up your label a bit. If simple is more your style. Avery offers blank labels that you can print from home. As I have said before, this is a great idea for Bridal Faires, and we highly recommend everyone implementing it. Why not use this time-saving technique when you stop by our booth at the Modern Bridal Faire this upcoming Sunday, March 13th, at The Palace Hotel in San Francisco? I promise it will make your Bridal Faire experience smoother, and much more enjoyable too!