How To: Coordinate Your Wedding Ceremony


Coordinating your wedding ceremony can be quite the undertaking, especially considering that there are so many moving parts to look after. From getting the wedding party in order to making sure the flower girl(s) and ring bearer know their cue and the officiant is on schedule, it’s enough to make one person’s head spin! Thanks to your amazing wedding party (and coordinator!), you won’t have to go through it alone.

One of the most important steps when it comes to coordinating your ceremony is to simply get organized. Create a timeline for your wedding day and communicate this to the wedding officiant. This will help him/her ensure that your ceremony doesn’t drag on for too long. After a while, your guests will be ready to eat, drink and be merry! Remember to mention any special rituals (i.e. lighting a unity candle, rose presentation, or jumping the broom) that you wish to perform during the ceremony as well.

Next, get into the details of which friends and family members will be playing which roles. Outside of assembling the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the bride needs to determine who will be the maid, matron or maiden of honor and, of course, the groom needs to choose his best man.

There are serious duties that come along with holding a high office in the wedding party, so choose wisely! The matron or maid of honor and best man are in charge of assisting the couple throughout the ceremony and most importantly, holding on to the rings.

Don’t forget about the little ones in your wedding party! You’ll need a ring bearer and flower girl(s). In particular, the ring bearer will need a trusted adult to hand him the wedding rings before he walks down the aisle. If you have a younger, more rambunctious ring bearer on your hands, swap the real rings for decoys that he can carry down the aisle instead.

Once your wedding party is situated, start thinking about your guests’ needs. One thing’s for sure, they’ll need a place to sit! Make sure that you have greeters or ushers on hand to pass out programs and guide everyone to their seats. Also, while you’re checking off your list, remember that everyone will need to hear what’s going on at the altar. Ensure that you have a solid sound system so that the officiant and your vows are heard loud and clear.

The ceremony is the highlight of your entire wedding day, so make it a good one! Create an experience that everyone will cheer about for years to come!

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