10 Wedding Trends on the Rise in 2024

January 30, 2024


Cheers to a new year of celebrating love stories and embracing unique wedding trends! 2024 has many exciting fads on the horizon, with modern couples extending their vision to include memorable guest experiences, sustainable values, and more. If you’re brainstorming for your upcoming celebration, explore the following trends to gain inspiration for your special day. 

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Sustainable Celebrations 

Ethical weddings are all the rage as modern couples opt for an eco-conscious approach to reduce their carbon footprint and waste. To celebrate intentionally, many people are partnering with green wedding venues and incorporating sustainable décor. If you love this movement, consider hiring a caterer specialized in locally sourced menus, opting for green décor like biodegradable confetti, and gifting potted plants as guest favors.    

Sustainable and Inclusive Fashion  

The eco-friendly theme can also extend to your wedding attire. Rather than purchasing an expensive dress or suit for a one-time event, you can choose greener (and more cost-effective!) options, like vintage, second-hand, or rental. While finding the perfect fit will likely take time, going vintage is unique and lends itself to the retro comeback trend.  

Second-hand is another eco-friendly route, and with brands like Borrowing Magnolia and Once Wed, you can browse through a beautiful selection at a fraction of the cost. Finally, you can never go wrong with rentals. This option is perfect for those looking to stick to both their budget and values. 

Intimate Micro Weddings

Over the last few years, micro weddings have gained major traction, and they’re not slowing down anytime soon. A small celebration allows you to splurge on your venue, guest experience, catering, and more. The best part? You can stay within your budget!

Micro weddings are popular for many reasons, like creating an intimate atmosphere and less planning stress. If you’re leaning towards this intimate style, here are some planning tips for creating a meaningful celebration with a smaller guest list:

  • Allow ample time to plan
  • Hire a wedding planner specializing in small weddings
  • Establish a budget and clarify your must-haves
  • Limit your guest list
  • Select an event space that can accommodate a smaller crowd  

Non-Traditional Venues

Don’t feel like tying the knot at a conventional wedding venue? Luckily, you have plenty of other places to choose from. One of the latest wedding trends is unique event spaces. For instance, modern couples love hosting their special day at historic estates, museums, and bed and breakfasts. You can also opt for an outdoor space, like a garden or vineyard— just keep the weather in mind! 

Destination weddings in noteworthy locations are also on the rise. This trend is likely due to micro weddings and sustainable celebrations. Other non-traditional spaces include art galleries, warehouses, and private residences. Take time to discuss your favorite types of venues with your partner before deciding on your perfect space. 

Tech-Infused Experiences

Technology is taking the wedding industry by storm as couples incorporate it in many areas of their festivities, from digital invites and virtual photo booths to interactive menus and LED dance floors. Photographers and videographers are also adding drone photography to their packages so you can receive stunning candid moments and a bird’s eye view of your romantic affair. Intrigued by these tech solutions? Check-in with your wedding planner to determine if it’s the right fit for your big day!

Bold and Vibrant Color Palettes

It’s time to say goodbye to neutrals and welcome bold and vibrant color palettes. Recently, we’ve seen sapphire blue, burgundy, and emerald green appear in celebrations. Other honorable mentions include fiery reds, neon greens, and magenta inspired by Barbie. Earthy tones, like forest green and warm browns, are also popular.

We can’t talk about color trends without mentioning the Pantone color of the year–Peach Fuzz. The soft, neutral shade pairs well with various themes and palettes, allowing your vision to shine. If you’re still determining your color scheme, consider creating a Pinterest board with your significant other. 

Floral Installations and Living Décor

2024 is the year of dramatic floral installations. Picture hanging floral chandeliers, floral archways, and flower walls. The sustainability movement is also encouraging living décor, like potted plants, lush greenery, and plantable wedding favors. Whether you want extravagant arrangements or an abundance of greenery, you can use these ideas to dress up your wedding weekend. 

Personalized Experiences

Like destination and micro weddings, personalized experiences are reaching an all-time high. Nowadays, couples want to immerse guests in an unforgettable weekend. Consider adding a personal touch to your ceremony by displaying candid photos, playing your favorite songs, and providing hand-written notes to your guests. You can also include cultural and religious rituals. 

Wedding vows are another opportunity to highlight your unique relationship. You can reference your first few dates or your favorite memories together. Start crafting a thoughtful message early in the planning process. 

Retro and Vintage Vibes

Let’s take a break from modern aesthetics and discuss the retro resurgence. This year, vintage trends are making a comeback, with couples infusing classic elements into their special day. Think statement blooms and disco balls from the 70s, balloon sleeves from the 80s, and disposable cameras from the 90s. We’re also seeing Gatsby-esque themes reminiscent of the Roaring 20s. Want to sprinkle nostalgia into your significant milestone? You can achieve a timeless look by including:

  • Popular color palettes from your favorite decade
  • A vintage photo booth
  • Bird cages and books for your centerpieces
  • Classic trunks and antique furniture

Health and Wellness Focused Celebrations

Active couples are taking modern weddings to the next level by adding wellness and mindfulness activities. Health-focused celebrations are a great way to ease into the wedding weekend with icebreakers and enjoy reflective moments through meditation and gratitude journaling sessions. You can also weave the health-conscious theme into your cuisine. Use the following ideas as inspo for your custom menu:

  • Stuffed peppers
  • Fruit and vegetable platters
  • Wraps
  • Vegetarian or vegan skewers
  • Gluten-free wine and beer

Love These Wedding Trends? Add Them to Your Special Day!

Whether you’re a fan of sustainable weddings, extravagant floral installations, or vintage themes, 2024 has many trends you can pull from and make your own. Consider blending them with your style to create a memorable event. Be sure to bookmark this blog post and share it with your partner as you dive into your wedding planning!