Meet Rhiannon Eddy of The Purple Orchid!

September 29, 2017


This is a part of our Creative Collaboration series, where we introduce you to our creative partners from all around the Bay Area. Today, we’re introducing you to Rhiannon Eddy of the Purple Orchid Wine Country Resort & Spa.

The Purple Orchid Wine Country Resort and Spa is a boutique property located in Livermore. We offering lodging accommodations, day spa services and a destination for weddings and events.

We asked Rhiannon to tell us about what inspired her to pursue a career in weddings and how she got started in the industry.

I have been in the wedding industry since I was sixteen years old. Always having a love of fashion, I originally wanted to be a bridal fashion designer and went on to studio design and marketing in college. After spending six years working for an international bridal gown designer and retailer I learned all about designing, manufacturing and selling in this unique industry. From there that led me to pursing another passion- photography. Working with my husband we built a successful studio with one hundred plus weddings a year. The photography studio grew into a photography and cinema studio specializing in “real life.” After getting married we decided to pursue our next goal- owning a wedding venue.

Rhiannon also shared what her favorite part about being in weddings is.

My favorite part about being involved in a wedding is that each event can showcase the clients uniqueness and what makes them special as individuals and a couple. Also I enjoy the energy that a wedding has as friends and families come together to celebrate a couple. Even after 500 weddings under my belt, a wedding day still makes me excited to go out and help the clients have the best experience possible.

Rhiannon is also sharing the one piece of advice she likes to give couples planning their wedding.

My one piece of advice for a couple planning their wedding is to make the event what you envision. Don’t settle because someones says you have to do this or that because it is a tradition. The most memorable events are those that incorporate favorite things of the bride and groom. Also another key point we always stress, when selecting vendors choose people that are most like you. You will be working with some of your key vendors for many months and you need to “click” with each other.

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