6 Fun Steps to Kick Off Wedding Planning

January 16, 2024


There’s nothing more magical than getting engaged during the holiday season. With the festive spirit in the air, you may feel eager to share the news and nervous to embark on your wedding planning journey.

As you organize the details, we recommend making the most of this chapter by savoring each step of the preparation process. Allow yourself to have fun, celebrate, and get creative with your vision. After all, planning is only the beginning of the exciting adventures ahead.    

Keep reading to learn how to plan your wedding while enjoying the process alongside your partner! 

card announcing engagement wedding planning

Celebrate the Engagement

Start things on a positive note by reminiscing on your proposal through photos and videos. If you and your partner are DIY enthusiasts, you can create a wedding photo album together, starting with proposal photos and adding engagement shots and formal portraits later. Sorting through your favorite images can also help you determine the best options to share on social media.

If posting online isn’t your style, consider announcing the news to family and friends during an intimate dinner at your home or hosting an engagement party. Remember, engagement season extends beyond planning. It’s also a special time for celebration, so be sure to add fun festivities to your calendar. 

Define Your Wedding Style

Your vision is like an unfinished art piece needing colors and details. So set aside time to discuss your preferences and desired aesthetics. When it comes to themes, there are endless ways to express your love story, from boho chic to industrial modern to light and airy. Identify key elements that resonate with you and your significant other. 

For instance, if you both love the ocean, a beach wedding is ideal. If you want an enchanting event, you may incorporate fairytale details. This year, many modern couples are hosting vintage weddings featuring earthy color palettes and styles from the 60s and 70s. Love this concept? Share the idea with your wedding planner.  

You’ll also want to consider your must-haves. Do you want a photo booth, food carts, or an audio guestbook? These fun elements can deliver a wow factor to your special day.

To organize your ideas, create a vision board on Pinterest. There’s something magical about transferring the images from your mind to a shared space. Your board can help you see the bigger picture and how every detail fits together. Schedule a day (or more!) to pin your favorite wedding trends, colors, décor, types of venues, and foods. 

Research Potential Venues 

Your location sets the stage for your romantic affair. While many couples get overwhelmed with finding the perfect wedding venue, you can turn the search into an adventure. As you explore event spaces, use your Pinterest board as a reference to match your style. Online reviews can help narrow your destinations list. You’ll also want to consider your guest count and the size of the event space.

Once you create a list of your favorite venues, schedule tours with your fiancé(e). It’s one thing to see pictures online and another to experience a venue in person. Like house hunting, a walk-through is a fun experience that allows you to get a vibe for each location.

Attend a Bridal Show or Expo

A wedding expo is like a comic con, showcasing vendor booths and exhibits. At a traditional show, couples can expect an introduction to the wedding industry, from photographers and wedding planners to cake designers and bridal boutiques. Wedding expos are the perfect place to gain inspiration and take your vision board to the next level. 

A convention can also help solidify and expand your ideas if you’re still in the research phase. It’s where you’ll connect with wedding pros and start building your dream team. 

Create a Fun Wedding Planning Checklist

So far, we’ve touched on enjoyable ways to ease into wedding planning. But you may wonder how to balance everything. After all, these activities add more to your plate. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to accomplish everything in one day. Instead, break up the tasks into manageable steps—for example, research 4-5 local venues on Monday and schedule tours for Saturday.

You can also reward yourself after finishing a task. No matter how big or small, treat yourself to every win. 

  • Booked three venue tours? Enjoy a glass of wine.
  • Organized your vision board? Take a stroll around your neighborhood.
  • Made an important decision with your wedding planner? Reserve a table for two at your favorite restaurant. 

The key to making the planning experience enjoyable is balance. With that in mind, opt for a collaborative approach. Planning a full-scale celebration is a team effort, so create a positive environment that encourages collaboration and communication. Share the workload to avoid burnout and unnecessary stress. 

Celebrate Milestones Along the Way  

Acknowledge how far you’ve come on your journey. Recognizing your achievements can help you maintain an optimistic mindset. Jot down your wins throughout the week and put them in a jar to review at a later date. Reading through your wins can provide a newfound appreciation for your effort. 

You can also enjoy quality time together. Planning a wedding can often feel like a second job, but scheduling ample breaks will help you stay motivated. Whether you have a movie night or spend time with family, breaks will allow you to recharge and infuse more love into this significant milestone. 

Ready for Take-off? Let the Countdown Begin!

As you dive into wedding planning mode, use our tips to gain peace of mind and enjoy every moment of your engagement. Embrace the process and share this post with your significant other, too. We wish you the best of luck!