Event Lighting: Worth $10,000.00?

March 30, 2011


While checking out Yahoo.com today, Fallan came across an article discussing the latest wedding trend: Event Lighting. Here at Fantasy Sound Event Services, we are certainly advocates of Event Lighting, I mean it’s one of our main services! However, it got us thinking…how many brides are trying to fit lighting into their wedding budget? Chelsea Clinton may have spent $10,000.00 on her wedding for lighting, but fear not! You can achieve a beautiful look for a fraction of the cost.  Like Bently Meeker, Chelsea’s lighting designer, said in the article: “It’s not illumination for visibility; it’s illumination for atmosphere”. Here at FSES, our lighting designers can fit any budget, starting from $1000.00 and moving up. If you think $1000.00 won’t get you a lot of lighting, you are wrong! Many of our weddings are right around that mark, and they always turn our beautifully. Check out some of the pictures to see for yourself what a difference lighting makes in a wedding.

What do you think of Event Lighting at a wedding? Worth it? We certainly think so!