Guest Blog: The Ins and Outs of Engagement Shoots by Fairy Tale Photography

June 5, 2013


Today’s guest blog comes from our Texan friends over at Fairy Tale Photography. Kevin has worked with FTP’s Laura Parker at many events and she is always an absolute joy to work with, so when we decided to start this guest blogging series, we knew that we HAD to include them! They decided to focus their blog on engagement shoots, and give you some valuable advice on the do’s and dont’s! Without further ado…

Dreams Do Come True…

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Know your photographer:

It’s important to research your photographer’s past engagement sessions. A good rule of thumb is to find a consistent style in the sessions. Also, referencing one of their engagement sessions helps the photographer better understand the look you’re going for. Fairy Tale Photography works with natural light so it is essential to be on time in order to get the most out of the daylight.

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Location and Props: If your photographer has you select multiple locations, try to make them close together so it wont cut into your time! If you’re both huge sports fans, bring your jerseys! If you are musicians, talk to the photographer about bringing some specific props to the site. How you both met and how he asked are key elements in your story, feel free to incorporate some of those elements into the shoot!


Clothing: Dress comfortable but cute for the shoot. If you’re wearing a dress you don’t feel amazing in, you’ll spend time pulling at it and adjusting it. Choose clothes you feel confident in!  Bring at least one change of clothes. This allows you to combine casual and dressier elements into the shoot. More changes are ok, but remember, cuts into your time.


The more authentic, the better! Each couple is completely unique, your engagement photos should tell the story of your unique love! If your partner has a gorgeous smile, be sure to make them laugh so it’s authentic. If he normally wraps you in a bear hug, make sure to tell the photographer those are key things to look for or draw out of your partner.


Be Specific: The more the photographer knows about you both, the better! Informing them about what you like, dislike will only result in better pictures and you getting  photos that you absolutely adore!

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Have fun! This day is all about you and your soul mate; the photographers want you to walk away with outstanding photos but they need your help! Typically the first couple of shots are awkward and the smiles are plastered on. Crack a few jokes with your partner, don’t hide your face if you start laughing; the authenticity makes the pictures absolutley precious! Relaxing in front of the photographer leads to more natural chemistry!

Thanks, Fairy Tale Photography, for agreeing to be included in our guest blogging series!