How To: Make the Most Out of Attending a Bridal Show

January 19, 2015


fs danny dong

Bridal shows are a wonderful way to connect with a number of wedding professionals at one time, but they can also be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we are here to provide you with a few tips to make the most out of your time at a bridal show!

  1. Arrive with a game plan! Preparedness is vital when it comes to the business of planning a wedding and this is no exception. Before going to the event, be sure to visit the bridal show’s website and check the list of exhibitors. Make a note of the ones you want to visit the most and bring it with you, so you don’t miss anything. Bonus points if there is a map available online!
  1. Take your time. Bridal shows are marathon-long for a reason! Give yourself the full amount of time to factor in registration lines, the booths you picked out in #1, and any displays that may catch your eye.
  1. Bring a friend! Whether it’s the groom or your BFF, things are always better in pairs. Pick your most trusted pal to join you for the bridal show, so you can tag team and cover as much ground as possible. Efficiency is key!
  1. Dress appropriately. You don’t need to dress over the top, as comfort is key as you make your way around the exhibits. Also, save the heels for your big day and wear some sensible shoes – there will be a lot of walking, we guarantee it.
  1. Bring business cards or address labels, including your wedding date. Many booths may have door prizes for you to enter in and it will save some time if you have cards pre-made to enter all of them easily.
  1. Always follow up! Were there certain displays that really caught your eye? Maybe you found the perfect photographer who just gets you? If so, take the opportunity to follow up immediately after the event to seek out an appointment. Other couples are interested too, so set up a time to chat as soon as possible to get the ball rolling!
  1. Finally, have fun! As crazy as bridal shows can get, don’t forget to have fun with it! Your special day will be unforgettable, no matter what – no need to stress the steps leading up to it!

We hope you can use these tips to your full advantage when you begin to explore the world of bridal shows. We look forward to seeing you at some in 2015!

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