In Case Of Emergency…

February 7, 2013


 Although we all strive to plan every minute detail of our wedding day out perfectly, sometimes life gets in the way. Here is a list of some things to consider in your “Wedding Emergency Kit,” just in case the unexpected happens.

Band-aids – Those beautiful wedding shoes might just turn out to give you the worst blisters, or another little accident might happen along the way. Either way, band-aids are just helpful to have on hand.

  1. Breath mints – Of course you want to have minty fresh breath when you go in for that big kiss, but let’s not forget about all the hugs and kisses during the reception from friends and loved ones. Breath mints are great because you don’t have to worry spitting them out later, like you would with gum.
  2. Clear nail polish – Clear nail polish is great for not only stopping runs in tights, but also as a make shift liquid band-aid! Have an unexpected tear in your clothing and need a quick mend? Coat the end of your thread with liquid nail polish to make threading the needle a cinch! Having a handy bottle of clear nail polish on hand might just make you the McGuyver of your wedding.
  3. Bobby pins – You never know when your hairstyle might need some extra support, especially when you’re getting your groove on out on the dance floor!
  4. Tissues – It’s always good to have some tissues on hand because you never know who will be moved to tears, and trust us…it will happen!
  5. Deodorant – It can get hot in that dress, especially under all the bright lights. Deodorant isn’t just for your underarms either. Those gorgeous, full dresses are created with layers of material which create a tent like effect, and it can get hot under there! To prevent chafing throughout the day, put some deodorant on your inner thighs before putting your dress on. You’ll thank us later.
  6. Lotion – Keep your skin smooth, moisturized, and glowing all day long!
  7. Aspirin – You don’t want a sudden headache or slight muscle ache to ruin your big day, so always keep some aspirin on hand just in case.
  8. Compact Mirror – Take one last look to make sure you hair and makeup are perfect before your walk down the aisle!
  9. Hair Spray – Your hair might not last as long as your wedding, so make sure you’re prepared. This is especially important for outdoor weddings where wind, humidity, and other elements might mess up your beautiful do. Don’t want any fly-aways in your photos!
  10. Drinking straws – You don’t want to mess up that pout or leave lipstick marks all over your cups!
  11. Lint roller – Great for getting lint off of dark tuxedos and dark bridesmaids dresses.
  12. Snacks – Between getting ready, walking down the aisle, and greeting all your guests, it’s easy to forget to eat. Make sure to snack through the day so you’re not the only person that’s starving at your wedding.
  13. Eye drops – Especially important for contact lens wearers, but you never know when dust could get in your eye. You definitely don’t want red, irritated eyes!
  14. Safety pins – These little babies are miracle workers for minor wardrobe adjustments.
  15. Stain remover – Tide-to-Go pens are great for removing unexpected stains on clothing. Nothing ruins a beautiful wedding dress like a lipstick stain!
  16. Water – Make sure you stay hydrated! Fainting from dehydration during a hot outdoor ceremony happens more often that you think!
  17. Sewing kit – Fix any wardrobe malfunctions from loose buttons to minor tears.

This is only a small list, and we are sure that there are plenty other items to keep on hand in case of emergency! We want your day to be as stress-free as possible, so keeping these things on hand will help. You never know when disaster could strike!