Meet Chris Thielen of Personal Weddings By Chris

June 8, 2018


This is a part of our Creative Collaboration series, where we introduce you to our creative partners from all around the Bay Area. Today, we’re introducing you to Chris Thielen from Personal Weddings By Chris.

Chris is an experienced and personable wedding officiant who loves to make the ceremony personal to the couple by sharing their love story. Family & friends all want to have fun at the wedding by hearing about how the bride & groom met & fell in love, what they love about each other, the proposal, etc. By helping the couple craft a ceremony that reflects who they are with lots of personal touches, Chris can give you a wedding that is both fun & romantic, personal & elegant. Your love is a story. Let your wedding tell it!

We asked Chris to tell us about what inspired him to pursue a career in weddings and how he got started in the wedding industry.

My first several ceremonies were for friends, and I realized right away how much I enjoyed doing weddings. I had attended a lot of ceremonies that were impersonal, stuffy and didn’t seem to reflect who the couple was, so I decided that for the weddings I performed, I would get to know the couple well enough to give it a vibe that matched their personalities. Everyone loves to hear about the couple’s story, laugh a little, cry a bit, and leave appreciating both the couple’s new marriage and their own love for their partner.

Chris shares his favorite part about being involved in a wedding.

I love to help make the ceremony stress-free for the couple and walk them through the process in a simple way so that they can take a deep breath and lose themselves in the moment. It’s the best day of their lives and I try to take care of as many details for them as possible so that they can enjoy holding hands, looking at each other, and speaking their commitment with a full heart. I love to share the couple’s story and see them fall in love all over again as they say their vows to one another.

Chris also told us about the worst thing that ever happened at a wedding and how he overcame it.

The Best Man dropped the Groom’s ring into thick grass as he took them out of his pocket. He was genuinely shocked that it was gone and panicked a bit. I slipped off my ring and they borrowed it. Only those in the front row saw it happen and it was good for a laugh once we found the ring while taking pictures.

Chris tells us what he’d do with a week off of work.

I’ve been on 2 cruises to the Caribbean and there’s no other place I’d love to go again. The crystal blue water, yummy food, fun activities, and beautiful scenery are the best!

Chris is also sharing some advice he likes to give couples planning their wedding.

I always tell couples that this is much more about the marriage that the wedding. I remind them that they want decades, not just a nice day.

I think the way you do this is to not stress too many of the things that won’t matter and nobody will remember a week after the ceremony. Don’t allow the details of flowers, favors, food, guest lists, seating arrangements, etc. to take you away from the fact that you’re committing your life to your best friend!

Also, don’t scrimp on the things that matter most. Nobody will remember the food or flowers, but if you scrimp on an inexperienced officiant, the only thing they may remember is how awkward the ceremony was!

I like to encourage couples to enjoy the process, because you only want to plan a wedding ONCE! So as stressful as it can be, appreciate this season of life together and soak it in. Life goes by too fast to not appreciate your engagement & early years of marriage.

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