Meet Kara Andrews of Casa Real!

This is a part of our Creative Collaboration series, where we introduce you to our creative partners from all around the Bay Area. Today, we’re introducing you to Kara Andrews of Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery.

We are thrilled to introduce Kara Andrews, the office manager over at Casa Real, a gorgeous event venue in Livermore!

After graduating from UC-Santa Barbara, Kara wasn’t sure what she wanted to pursue, but after some time exploring the hospitality industry (and getting engaged!), she found the opportunity to work on the opening of Casa Real and the rest is history.

As the office manager, Kara works with couples from start to finish, which typically takes about a year. Her favorite part of a wedding, of course, is the Big Day! “On the day of their event, it is magical to see our copious notes come to life.”

Kara shared a particular wedding mishap with us, as well as how she and her team came through with a solution: 

“During a ceremony, a family member passed out in the front row as the doors opened for the bride’s entrance. The officiant caught the event coordinator’s attention as all guests turned to see the bride. Our staff assisted the family member to a side door and called for medical assistance. The ambulance arrived at the front of the property and no one in the ceremony location was aware of this occurrence.”

She also shared a bit of advice for couples planning their wedding:

“It is so easy to get stressed over the little details of event planning. As my husband reminded me the week of our wedding, ‘There are so many hours in a day. If it is important enough, it will get done. Otherwise, let it go.’ Couples need to remember guests are attending the wedding to simply witness their union. That is what is important on their wedding day.”

When she’s not busy coordinating weddings for happy couples, Kara can usually be found spending her time with her husband and 2-year-old son. “I would spend my time with them whether it’s in our living room or a far away place.”

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