Meet Kevin!

March 2, 2011


Name: Kevin M. Dennis JWIC, Owner

Livermore, CA

Favorite part of a wedding: I have always enjoyed the toasts, but ever since I became a father, I have found that I really enjoy the father of the bride/grooms’ toasts. I look forward to the day that I can give a father of the bride/groom toast.

Favorite song lyrics: “And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times, It’s you, it’s you, you make me sing. You’re every line, you’re every word, you’re everything. You’re every song, and I sing along. ‘Cause you’re my everything.” -“Everything”, Michael Buble

Which three words best describe you: Dedicated, passionate, and nerdy

What are your favorite hobbies: Playing with Nolan and watching sports.

Favorite sports to watch: Baseball, basketball and football, in that order.

What makes you laugh: My family. I have a funny family that does some crazy things.

Favorite vacation spot: Arlington, TX, Maui, Las Vegas

Favorite quote: “Enjoying success requires the ability to adapt. Only by being open to change will you have a true opportunity to get the most from your talent.” – Nolan Ryan

Favorite movie: The Rookie, The Pursuit of Happiness, For The Love of The Game and Fever Pitch.

Favorite music genre: I like all types of music from Frank Sinatra to current music.

How do you take your Starbucks beverage?: Venti Passion Iced Tea, unsweeted

What song do you often find in your head? Strangers in the Night, by Frank Sinatra

Pearls of Wisdom: Don’t lose sight of the big picture.

If you weren’t in your current profession, what would you do instead?: NASCAR Driver. I like to drive fast.

What’s the best advice you can give to a couple when planning their wedding?: Stay organized, take the time to enjoy the planning process and don’t lose sight of your vision.