Meet Kirsten Mendoza of Elliston Vineyards!

January 15, 2016


This is a part of our Creative Collaboration series, where we introduce you to our creative partners from all around the Bay Area. Today, we’re introducing you to Kirsten Mendoza from Elliston Vineyards!

Kirsten Mendoza

Courtesy of Kirsten Mendoza

After getting her start in the food and beverage industry, Kirsten Mendoza found herself calculating how to make events more efficient. It was during an internship at a local winery and event center that she fell in love with the wedding industry and she never looked back. She is now an event coordinator at Elliston Vineyards, a beautiful, historic estate nestled in the hills of Sunol that hosts weddings, special events, and corporate events.

For Kirsten, it’s all about the raw emotion that comes from sending a bride down the aisle. She loves being the one who eases them into the process and gets them ready for the biggest day of their life. She also loves being able to see two families coming together as one – the toasts are the best time to get to know everyone’s personalities!

Kirsten shares some of her top advice for engaged couples with us…

“Budget, budget, budget!!! Couples will pay for the venue, food, and, beverages but then forget about all the little things. The favors, all the rentals, presents for your bridal party, etc. There is just so much that adds up that you really need to take into account how much you’re going to spend. You don’t want to start a marriage already in debt.

Also please don’t hire your friends as your vendors! There is a reason there are professional photographers and DJ’s. We understand everyone wants to cut costs, however this is not the best way. Time and time again we see someone hire their friend to DJ. Granted this person may have DJ’d before; however, this person may not be knowledgeable on timing, reading a crowd, or being a personable emcee.”

As for Kirsten’s hobbies – she loves to travel and explore new cultures. She hopes that Santorini, Greece is the next stamp in her passport. In addition to the appealing white architecture, she’s quite the foodie and craves some authentic Greek cuisine!

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