Meet Rhee Bevere from Rhee Bevere Photography

April 9, 2018


This is a part of our Creative Collaboration series, where we introduce you to our creative partners from all around the Bay Area. Today, we’re introducing you to Rhee Bevere from Rhee Bevere Photography.

Rhee Bevere Photography is a boutique wedding photography service, focused on classic-cinema style storytelling, with emotions and touching moments taking center stage. Not just pretty pictures!

We asked Rhee to tell us about what inspired her to pursue a career in weddings and how he got started in the industry.

I was in corporate life, as an ad creative, and I just knew I wasn’t doing what I was “supposed” to be doing! It gnawed at me for years. I spend hours wandering the streets with my camera, telling stories about strangers on the street, interesting conceptual shots and still lifes, and gave an art print of oneof my favorites to my art director partner for Christmas one year. She said something that changed my life – “Hey, Rhee, you’re pretty darn good at the advertising thing, but THIS is what you should be doing!” She was pointing to my photography! A light went off in my head and I went about finding just the right kind of storytelling for me and my clients. I second shot (that’s when you assist a main photographer with different views of key moments) a wedding in 2002 with a wedding photojournalist, still with film, too, just when wedding photography was becoming an art form. I was HOOKED after just one wedding!

Rhee also shared what her favorite part about being in weddings is.

I thrive when my couple appreciates me, and I give back to them much more than just images. I’m always smiling and upbeat. I’ve been told I’m very calming for stressed out nerves! I put down the cameras and help if Mom can’t find the buttons on the bustle. I recommend better timing for light. I end up being a favorite cousin or aunt rather than a vendor!

Rhee is also sharing the one piece of advice she likes to give couples planning their wedding.

The big one – keep your priorities in mind, no matter what your budget is. Is it better to have spent your hard earned money on a WOW atmosphere, or towards an album you’ll have your whole lives? If you answer with “WOW” then use more of your budget towards entertainment and rentals and design and lighting, and find a not-as-expensive-yet-solid photographer who can provide key moments and a few good portraits. Which is more important, reliving your vows, or dancing the night away? If it’s “dancing the night away” then please get a darn amazing DJ and MC and maybe skip the 5 camera cinematic masterpiece from a videography company.

Ask advice from all vendors, even if you have a planner. Other vendors see a different side! Ask a photographer about the escort card display, ask a lighting designer about colors for the linens, ask your DJ about what types of entrees work best for the flow of the evening. I know, sounds weird, and they may not even have an opinion, but sometimes you’ll get that nugget of advice that could really make your day better!

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