New Fiancé(e)? 8 Ways to Celebrate Your Engagement

January 2, 2024


An engagement is a beautiful way to ring in the new year! You’re likely anticipating the next chapter and a long road of planning. But before you dive into your to-do’s, we encourage you to soak up every moment as an engaged couple. Join us as we share eight fun and relaxing ways to honor your engagement with your fiancé(e)! 

Celebrate Together 

Before sharing the exciting news, consider having a candle-lit dinner for two at your favorite restaurant. An evening out allows you to slow down and treat yourself. Here, you can indulge in your excitement while enjoying delicious cuisine.

If you prefer a low-key date, plan a romantic evening at home. Change into your PJs, cozy up on the couch, and make popcorn (or your favorite snacks) for a movie night. Nothing feels more intimate than a night in with your partner.     

For our fellow adventurers, opt for a weekend getaway. Is there a special destination you’ve been dying to check out? Take this opportunity to map out your spot, book your stays, and embrace your next experience. 

Share the News

Can’t keep it secret any longer? Host an engagement party with loved ones and make the announcement. Consider an intimate backyard party with your closest friends and family if you don’t want an elaborate setup. 

Now that you’re ready to go public, you’ll also want to share the news on your socials. While you can opt for a celebratory post, you can also drop subtle hints through pictures without any context and see if your friends can pick up on the clues. 

Engagement announcements are another fun way to update everyone. Nowadays, there are endless ways to inform friends and family, from traditional stationery to digital surprises. 

Capture the Moment

An engagement is a once-in-a-lifetime milestone you’ll want to cherish forever. Schedule a professional engagement photoshoot to keep these memories fresh. You and your fiancé(e) can make a fun date out of it by posing at your favorite destinations. Then, you can share the photos with your social media announcement.

If a professional shoot isn’t your cup of tea, consider arranging a DIY engagement shoot instead. You can visit significant locations, like a trail, baseball stadium, or where you had your first date. 

With your new engagement photos, make the experience come alive by creating a proposal story through a keepsake book or video. DIY enthusiasts will love getting creative with this project. Plus, you could feature the final result at your reception.

Plan for the Future

While savoring the moment is a must, it’s also the perfect time to start brainstorming wedding details. Discuss how you want your special day to unfold and create a joint vision board with inspiration from Pinterest. This process can help clarify themes, venue styles, color palettes, and more.

Consider potential wedding dates too. Start with your favorite season and use the three-month timeframes to determine when you want to say “I do.” Remember, many venues and vendors are booked a year or more in advance, so plan for the long term. 

Pamper Yourselves

Engagement season can be stressful, but you don’t have to experience the typical overwhelm that comes with it. Instead, unwind with a spa day. Book a couples massage at a local spa or host a mini spa day at home. Enjoy some bubbly while decompressing in a bubble bath. 

You can also indulge in a celebratory meal. Test out a new restaurant in town or visit a local favorite. Wherever you decide to go, let yourself savor the meal and the idea of building a life together. 

If you want to go all out, try planning a relaxing weekend retreat. Once you dive into your wedding plans, finding time to break away may be challenging. So take this opportunity to go on a trip and have fun.

Celebrate with Family 

Host a family gathering to celebrate your engagement. Rather than throwing an engagement party, opt for an intimate family affair over a spread of your favorite foods. 

You can also incorporate your engagement into holiday festivities and family traditions. Is there an annual trip you go on with loved ones? Bring your fiancé(e) and make an experience out of it.

You may also hear advice and love stories from close family members during this time. Connect with them over their memories and enthusiasm for your next chapter. 

Reflect and Express Gratitude

Taking time to reflect on your journey can be a wonderful bonding experience. Reminisce about your first few dates and significant moments throughout your relationship. You can also write love letters to each other expressing your gratitude. Take a break from technology and profess your love with a pen and paper. There’s nothing more romantic than receiving a handwritten letter from your best friend.

Keep the appreciation going by starting a gratitude journal together. Create a list of things you’re grateful for, and be prepared to feel warm and fuzzy afterward.

Celebrate Your Unique Story

As you prepare for your special day, consider weaving personal details into your wedding, like memories, pet references, and travel destinations. These meaningful elements can make your event feel like one of a kind. It also allows you to embrace the unique traits of your relationship. 

Share your love story with friends and family. They will likely be eager to hear about your proposal, but you can bring it full circle by starting at the very beginning. 

Make the Most of Your Engagement

Now that you have some ideas on how to treat yourself, we encourage you to enjoy every moment of your engagement, from the proposal to the wedding day. Whether you include your loved ones in your festivities or pamper yourself with a spa day, savor the unique experiences leading to the journey ahead.

Sending best wishes for a joyful and exciting engagement!