Personalization: Crafting Your Perfect Wedding

July 20, 2015


Anyone can have a wedding – but how many people can say they had your wedding? Well, hopefully, it’s just the two of you and what better way to craft a perfect, unique wedding than to add details of personalization! Let’s take a look at how you and your other half can highlight your relationship throughout the wedding…

It doesn’t get more personal than including photos at your wedding. Share your love story with your guests and give them something to laugh about! Add in a silly selfie or that candid photo that captures your love – there are so many possibilities!


Van and Justin included photos of themselves, as well as family members for a lovely touch! Photo by Love in Photographs

Monograms are the epitome of personalization – put your shiny, new initials on display for all to see! Even if you’re not changing your name, using your first initials around the wedding is a wonderful way to make your wedding your own (plus they look great in pictures!).


Molly and Robert stole the floor with their first dance on a custom monogram! Photo by rhee bevere photography

Pick Your Tunes
There’s no need to conform to a pre-planned set list for your wedding. Create a list with your partner of your favorite songs! Perhaps the first song you ever danced to or the song that was playing when you first met – if it means something to you, you’ll want to have it on your biggest day.

Rachel and Shane's first dance was truly one for the books! Photo by

Rachel and Shane’s first dance was truly one for the books! Photo by Jennifer Skog Photography

The Little Things
Sometimes, it’s the details that your guests don’t see that can add that extra special touch to your big day. Sharing a secret detail that only you and your partner know about can be the perfect expression of love. You’ll be smiling at each other all night, and you’ll always have that little part of your wedding that was just yours.

James and John hid a little secret in their jackets, just for themselves. -Apollo Fotografia

James and John hid a little secret in their jackets, just for themselves. Photo by Apollo Fotografie

What ways do you plan on personalizing your Big Day? Be sure to share in the comments!

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