Should I hire a DJ?

March 13, 2017


When it comes to wedding entertainment, there are a lot of choices available. Some opt for a live band, others choose to go with a DJ, while still others think an automated playlist will suffice. The decision can be a tough one, so read on as we discuss some of the considerations to keep in mind.

What does your budget look like?
Take a look at your overall budget, as well as how much you have allocated to the entertainment category. Live bands are the costliest option for music, whereas DJs can be much more budget-friendly. Of course, the iPod playlist is always an option for casual get-togethers, but we highly encourage avoiding this route unless you’re ok with occasional lulls, paid advertisements, and/or the lack of a professional MC.

How much space does the venue have?
This is a major consideration when deciding between a band and a DJ. Regardless of what size a band is, it will take up more space than a solo DJ. When you include their instruments, stage, and other A/V devices, it can add to be a large amount of space. For some, having a live band is well worth it. For others, it may not be the best (or even possible) choice for their venue.

What does your music selection look like?
Do you have a lot of must-have songs? Are you hoping to have a song that isn’t a traditional wedding song? The great thing about a DJ is that they have access to nearly any song that you’d like at your wedding. Bands, on the other hand, are limited to the songs that they already know how to perform. Some will offer to learn new songs for you, but it may come at an extra cost.

There are a lot of considerations to think about when making the decision, so be sure to talk to your partner about it before jumping to any conclusions. It’s your day, so go down the route that will add to your perfect wedding!

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