Six Spring Wedding Trends We Have Our Eye On

March 23, 2023


It’s time to say farewell to winter and hello to spring. Exciting wedding trends accompany the new season, and we can’t wait to share them with you. From colorful gowns to in-season blooms, many couples are embracing change. So if you want to put a creative spin on tradition for your big day, check out these six spring trends to celebrate in style!

spring wedding trends

Petite bouquets 

Big and exquisite is out, and small and dainty is in. Nowadays, modern couples love petite bouquets, and we can’t blame them. They bring a chic and simplistic addition to your special day without distracting guests from the main attraction – your love. 

Wondering what flowers to use? You can pick from crowd favorites like lavender, lily of the valley, baby’s breath, and lilacs. Of course, feel free to explore Pinterest for more ideas. Consider including this trend in your wedding if dainty florals match your theme. 

Outside of the box guest books

While we’re still fans of writing personal notes for newlyweds, many couples are bringing a fun and creative take to this tradition. For instance, polaroids with short greetings on the backs and voice recordings with an old-fashioned telephone filter have gained popularity. Some couples have even incorporated board games into the mix, with guests writing messages on giant wooden Jenga or puzzle pieces. These are some unique ideas you can use to enhance the guest experience. 

Wedding dresses with a pop of color and or pattern

Spring is bursting with colors, and so are wedding gowns. 2023 Bridal Fashion Week displayed baby blues, floral prints, and playful color palettes, reinventing the white wedding dress tradition. Although bold and vibrant colors aren’t for everyone, you can subtly adapt this trend through pastel hues and embroidery. So if you’re still searching for your dream dress, consider looking at selections with a slight hint of color. You may be surprised at just how much you love it!

Welcome drinks

Wedding day timelines often run on tight schedules. However, some couples are hosting a gathering before their ceremony starts to turn things down a notch. It’s like a pre-cocktail hour, where guests socialize for 20-30 minutes before getting situated for the ceremony. This is an excellent opportunity to sip on a glass of bubbly, set aside wedding gifts, and enjoy conversation before the main event. Want to reduce the hustle and bustle of your day? Adding in a buffer time with welcome drinks is a great solution.

A last dance alone

All eyes and ears will be on you during your celebration, from your walk down the aisle to your first dance. But soaking everything in is hard when the spotlight is on you. So after your grand sendoff, consider sharing a last dance (alone) with your partner. This is your chance to savor the memories of your day and celebrate your marriage. So kick off your shoes, play your favorite song, and sway in each other’s arms. We certainly love this new and intimate trend! 

Celebrate with mother nature’s in-season blooms

We can’t discuss petite bouquets without mentioning everyone’s love for in-season blooms. Many couples are opting for this environmentally-friendly approach because it reduces their carbon footprint and saves on costs. Plus, it supports the local economy. As we enter spring, there is a diverse selection of stunning flowers, such as peonies, tulips, perennials, daffodils, and more. From pastels to bold colors, you will find a bloom that breathes life into your day. 

Did any of these spring wedding trends speak to you? If so, be sure to bookmark this post and share it with your partner. Then, you can add a personal spin to tradition and make the day your own!