Social Media Etiquette

January 18, 2016


With technology rampant these days, it’s no surprise that social media makes an appearance at today’s average wedding. There are couples who embrace this change, but there are also those who prefer to have a phone-less celebration. Let’s talk pros and cons of both situations.

Enforcing a No-Phones Atmosphere
One of the greatest thing about asking guests to turn off their phones for your wedding is that everyone will be living in the moment. Remember when that used to be a thing? Nobody will be stressed out that they just got the 10% battery warning, searching all over the place for an outlet (of course they brought their chargers). In addition, cutting phones out of the celebration allows the photographer to do their job, without phones (or even tablets) popping in all over the place. Not to mention, there’s no chance of someone’s phone breaking on the dance floor – trust us, it happens!

Embracing a Socially Connected Environment
On the flip side, there are a number of perks that come with allowing people to use their phones and social media throughout your wedding. One of the biggest pluses is that the couple will have access to many more pictures than just the photographers and they’ll be able to see their wedding from their guests’ perspectives. Couples can use a wedding photo app (we like Wedding Party) or custom hashtag to gather all of the photos in one place and they’ll have access to the photos instantly throughout the night or the next morning – the perfect thing to tie you over until the photographer sends over their edits.

A Happy Medium?
If you want the photos but want people to be in the moment (does your wedding really need to be live tweeted or Periscoped?), consider instituting a disconnected ceremony and asking guests to hold off on the photos and social media until cocktail hour and reception. This way, everyone will tune in to your romantic ceremony and will then feel free to reconnect when everyone is mixing and mingling. The best of both worlds!

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