The Fantasy Sound Difference: Drapery

September 14, 2015


When you work with Fantasy Sound for your wedding, there are certain things that you’ll notice set us apart from others. Today, we’re going to look at why we’re a bit different (in a good way!) when you rent your drapery from us.

Chiffon Drapery and Square Bead Chandelier Bar Treatment

Clean, fresh linens every time!
That’s right – no need to worry about stains or the like. We wash our drapery after every use to ensure that it is always fresh for your event!


What are wrinkles?
Seriously… we don’t know what that word means. We take extra care steaming every single panel of drapery on-site. As we like to say, wrinkle-free drapery is pretty drapery!

Keep it even
When it comes to our tie-backs, we don’t mess around. We check, double check, and triple check to make sure that the tie-backs are even and the tassels are all the same length!

Eggplant Taffeta Drapery

We love socks!

As you may or may not know, we have a thing for socks. Not just for those on our feet, but we also “sock” the drapery poles with drapery! That means you will never seen an ugly silver pole peeking out on your big day to ruin the design.

Tailored fit
We custom make each of our drapery panels to ensure that there is always more than enough fabric. You’ll never experience “flooding” issues with us (think too-short drapery!) and we are always happy to get the exact shade you are looking for!

Are you dazzled by drapery? We’d love to chat with you! Give us a ring and tell us all about your special day – we can’t wait to see how we can make it all the better!

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