The Fantasy Sound Difference: Gobo Washes

November 23, 2015


This is the third chapter of The Fantasy Sound Difference series. The first chapter highlights our drapery services and the second chapter highlights our chandeliers.

There’s a reason gobo washes are a favorite lighting effect of ours! They are just so versatile and have the ability to completely transform an event space into something magical. For those who aren’t lighting aficionados like us, a gobo wash is a lighting template that projects a pattern of your choice onto an event space. Read on for more details!

Ahead of the game
We like to think we’re on top of the latest trends, so we ensure that our catalogue of gobo washes is continuously growing! We aim to offer the latest, freshest designs to give your wedding a unique and special touch.

Don’t waste your time with blurred lines! We understand that you only want the tip-top quality when it comes to lighting design, which is why we guarantee that your gobo washes will always be sharp and in focus.

The perfect fit
Not only are our gobo washes the perfect fit for you, but we promise your unique pattern will be cropped just right to fill the space perfectly. No need to worry about unsightly overlaps or cut-offs!

We’re guessing you want a lot of pictures taken at your wedding, right? Well, with a Fantasy Sound gobo wash, we guarantee that they’ll show up consistently photogenic! We put a great deal of effort into ensuring that our gobo washes are symmetrical, so they look superb from every angle.

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