Time Management Tips for Planning Your Wedding

March 6, 2017


When you first get engaged, it can seem like your wedding is so far away. However, as you start to knock out task after task, time starts to fly and it can feel like wedding planning is consuming. Rather than let your to-dos stress you out, here are some tips for managing your time wisely and ensuring everything gets done.

Dedicate time to planning
That’s right – grab your schedule and block out times of the day for wedding planning. That means that at any other time, weddings should not be on your mind! It’s easy to burn out if it’s all you are thinking about, so be sure to make time for date nights, social outings and other hobbies.

Ask for help
Planning your wedding will take ten times longer if you have to singlehandedly plan everything and put together every program, favor, and other decor pieces. Don’t be afraid to ask your wedding party members and your family for help – sharing the responsibilities means splitting the time!

Hire a professional
At a certain point, the time and money you spend on an aspect of the wedding are worth outsourcing it to a professional. Did you dream of DIYing your own wedding flowers? Perhaps. But, do you need to spend the several days before your wedding receiving, storing, arranging and placing all of your bouquets and centerpieces so they stay fresh for the event itself? Probably not.

Use an app
There are so many programs out there to help you with wedding planning – are you taking advantage of them? From your standard checklist to floor plans to guest lists, it’s worth trying out some of the top wedding planning apps to see which can streamline your journey to ‘I do.’

Planning your wedding doesn’t need to be a headache and it certainly doesn’t need to take up all of your waking hours! Set priorities, get them done and don’t spend any extra time worrying about what still needs to be finished. Know that everything will come out perfectly on your Big Day!

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