Wedding Planning Roundup: November 2023

November 28, 2023


Are you entering the wedding planning stage, wondering what to do next? Don’t worry! Feeling overwhelmed with all the moving parts is normal. Fortunately, you can rely on wedding professionals like us for the latest resources and tips. If you need help, use our wedding planning roundup below to guide your plans and celebrate this exciting milestone.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

engagement ring in roses wedding planning

Avoiding Clichés In Your Wedding (Glamour & Grace)

Cookie-cutter celebrations may work for some couples, but not everyone. If you want a unique experience that allows your personality to shine, this post breaks down the best ways to do so. Give it a read and use the inspo for your special day!

6 TikTok Wedding Trends You Should Know About–and Whether or Not They’re Worth Trying (Martha Stewart)   

Just because a wedding trend is popular on TikTok doesn’t mean it’s the right match for your event. Discover what industry pros think about the latest TikTok trends, from grounded flower displays to audio guest books.

Everything to Know About A Wedding Welcome Party (Junebug Weddings)

Wedding weekends are becoming a staple in modern celebrations, where couples add more festivities to the itinerary, like welcome parties. If you’re interested in hosting a pre-wedding event, check this blog post out for all the details. It’ll make planning a breeze!

Tips for Planning the Honeymoon of Your Dreams on a Budget (Style Me Pretty)

Many newlyweds experience financial stress after spending a pretty penny on their wedding, so traveling may seem out of the question. Not according to Style Me Pretty, though. This post covers helpful tips on how to enjoy yourself on your honeymoon without breaking the bank. Be sure to share this one with your significant other as you discuss your dream destinations! 

Unique Wedding Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed (Bridal Musings)   

Remember what we said about cookie-cutter weddings? We encourage you to think outside the box and create an unforgettable experience. Gain inspo from this list of unique additions, from pet cutouts to giant lawn games to gourmet donut walls. 

How to Tell Guests That You’re Not Having Kids at Your Wedding (Brides) 

Everyone’s vision of the happiest day of their life differs. Some couples love large gatherings, while others prefer an intimate crowd. If you’re considering crossing children off the guest list, learn how to communicate your wishes without stepping on anyone’s toes with this Brides’ post. 

Feeling a sense of relief? Hopefully, these resources guide your wedding planning and give you some fun ideas to celebrate in style. If you enjoyed this roundup, bookmark it and share it with your wedding planner!