Welcome to Kevin Knows Weddings!

August 3, 2012


I would like to welcome everybody to Kevin Knows Weddings, my personal wedding blog! I am going to be sharing with you a little bit about myself, as well as some wedding tips, ideas, vendor reviews, trends and featured weddings, and answering your personal wedding questions.  Please feel free to ask me any wedding related questions, not just about the services we provide. You can ask a question by simply filling out the Ask Kevin form here.

To tell you a little bit about myself, I started Fantasy Sound Event Services in February of 1989, nine months after I graduated from high school. When I started Fantasy Sound, I thought being a DJ would be a good way to meet girls, and I was mainly DJing school dances, picnics and corporate events. It wasn’t until 1992 when I met Read Phillips, owner of the Palm Event Center and Casa Real at the Ruby Hill winery, did I even consider weddings as a potential market. Shortly after that I started DJing weddings, and I haven’t looked back.  I began to notice that the wedding industry was flourishing in the Livermore Valley, and I decided it was time for Fantasy Sound to focus on DJing weddings. In 1995, I added our Videography service, in 2000 I added our Event Lighting service, and in 2009 I added our Drapery service.  I am currently sitting on the Board of Directors at WIPA, serving as the Director of Marketing, as well as sitting on the Board of Directors of the Silicon Valley chapter of NACE, as the Vice President. I am also the founder of the Tri-Valley Wedding Professionals group, which has over 460 active members. I have also served as the Chairman of the Board for the Tri-Valley Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, in addition to being the President of the Livermore Downtown Association.

I am very passionate about weddings, so much so that I became a wedding coordinator in 2007.  I always get asked “why did you become a wedding coordinator, when you are already a DJ?”  The answer was simple: I wanted to know everything I could about the wedding process, from the initial planning stages to the bride walking down the aisle.  I truly believe that there is something magical about being at a wedding, and I am thrilled to be able to create that magic,with our amazing Event Lighting & Drapery, to capturing the memories of the wedding forever through Videography, to ensuring that everyone has a great time as the DJ!

I am looking forward to continuing this Blog, so check back often for updates! You never know, I could be answering one of YOUR questions!