What A Memorable January 29th

February 11, 2011


On Saturday, January 29th, we had the opportunity to DJ 2 different weddings. Nick DJed and we also provided the lighting for the Julia Criswell and Kenny Verschelden wedding at Casa Real, and Kevin DJed the Kathleen Godkin and Andrew Adams wedding at Wente.

The Criswell/Vershelden ceremony was held in the Amber Room, and the lighting design they chose really helped to transform the room. They put the “Dream Grill” wash over the walls, and had a custom monogram projected over the fireplace. The couple went with a black and champagne color palette, which added an elegant and retro feel to the entire wedding.  The day was overcast, but the champagne uplights and washes made the Amber Room feel warm and inviting. Karl from Delford West provided the flowers, and Draper Photography was on hand to capture all the special moments.

The reception moved to the Grand Salon, and it was very much a celebratory and upbeat atmosphere. The bride and groom shared the first dance to “Glitter in the Air” by Pink, and the lyrics to that song resonated with all the guests, and everyone agreed it was the perfect song for this couple. Take a listen for yourself!

Across town at Wente, Kevin DJed the Godkin/Adams wedding, and since they only had 75 guests, they were able to hold the ceremony inside the Cresta Blanca Room. After the ceremony the room was changed over for cocktails and dancing. The couple chose a lavender and champagne color palette, and we provided the champagne uplights, which made the room cozy and intimate.

Kevin had a blast DJing the reception. It was a small group of people, but they were tearing up the dance floor! Kathleen and Andrew had a chance to do a lot of dancing, and you could tell they were enjoying every minute of it. Kathleen and her father danced to two songs for the Father/Daughter dance.  The first song was more of a traditional song, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” by IZ and  after playing about a 1 and ½ minutes of that song, Kevin transitioned to “Benny and the Jets” by Elton John.  John (the Father of the bride) used to sing and dance with her while she was growing up, and it was heartwarming to witness such a special moment.  After about a minute into this song, her mom, brother and sister spontaneously joined them on the dance floor.  The family danced as one big group. and it was a really beautiful moment for them and the rest of the guests. 

When it was time for the bride and groom to share their first dance as a couple, they chose  “Just Breathe” by Pearl Jam.  This was the first time that Kevin had ever had a bride and groom select this song for their first dance and it was absolutely perfect for this couple.  Several guests were shocked to find out Pearl Jam sang the song, as it was incredibly romantic and tender.  Check it out for yourselves:

Thanks so much to both Julia and Kenny, and Kathleen and Andrew for letting us be a part of your special day. We wish you all the best in the future!