What To Do After Saying ‘I Do’

May 2, 2016


After tying the knot, it’s important that newlyweds get a few things in order. From mailing out thank-you cards to handling name changes, there is plenty to do after your wedding. Here are a few tasks that’ll help get your post-wedding to-do list going!

Don’t disappear
Enjoy your fabulous honeymoon, but don’t go MIA on your vendors once you return. Vendors may need to follow-up with you or just want to say thanks, which brings us to our next to-do!

Give your vendors a shout out
If your vendors did a fantastic job, don’t forget to hop on WeddingWire, The Knot, and/or Yelp to let everyone else know just how amazing they are! Positive reviews on these platforms are just the right boost that will help them book more couples.

Send thank you notes
One of the most important things to cross of your list is, of course, sending those thank you notes for all of the wedding gifts you have received. Keep track of who gave what so that you can send personalized messages of gratitude. Your guests will certainly appreciate the effort!

Get your legal affairs in order
The process of getting your name changed, if you so desire, has its own to-do list! Start with your driver’s license, Social Security Card and bank accounts, then work your way on down the list. You’ll have to notify places such as your employer and utility and insurance companies. Also, don’t forget about changing the name on your credit cards and passport!

Properly store your wedding gown
Here’s a biggie for the bride! Your wedding gown is a gorgeous (and very expensive) keepsake that you’ll want to be kept in pristine condition. Consider hiring a preservationist who can help get your dress cleaned, neatly wrapped and tucked away.


Photo by Augie Chang

Find a new hobby
Once your wedding and honeymoon are over, you’ll start missing the feeling of having something grand to look forward to. Consider picking up a new hobby or getting a head start on  planning your next getaway. Staying occupied will help combat the post-wedding blues!

Once your to-do list is tackled, you’ll be ready to relax and enjoy your new life as Mr. and Mrs.!

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