5 Wedding Themes We Love

March 26, 2024


Your wedding theme is the ultimate mood board, tying all the details together, from your color palette to your décor. An overarching theme can provide direction as you dive into your wedding planning. It also lets you get creative with your love story. 

A long list of decisions awaits as you begin your planning journey, so consider using your theme as a roadmap to guide you the rest of the way. Keep reading for our favorite wedding themes! 

Romantic Garden Affair

romantic garden affair ceremony

Photography: Holly D. Photography

Are you a hopeless romantic who loves whimsical styles? A romantic garden theme is playful and bold while blending elements of Mother Nature into the mix. Many couples lean into the light and airy aesthetic, but you can also include vibrant colors through floral arrangements and a garden venue.

Here are some unique décor ideas to evoke this theme:

  • Lush greenery: Greenery chandeliers and foliage centerpieces infuse natural beauty into your event. 
  • Floral arch: Flowers play a vital role in this theme. Go simple or extravagant with the statement flowers on your arch. 
  • Moss: This small detail delivers a fairytale touch.  
  • Large floral arrangements: Feel free to go over the top with bountiful blooms.
  • Color palette: Some popular combinations include shades of pink, sage green, neutrals, and sky blue. 
  • Flower wall: Enjoy a gorgeous backdrop for photos with guests. 

Many people assume gardens are the best settings for this romantic theme. However, conservatories, estates, museums, parks, and backyards are excellent alternatives.  

Vintage Chic Celebration

vintage wedding

Photography: Hannah Berglund Photography

Retro weddings are making a comeback, and we can’t get enough of them. The key to a vintage-themed celebration is paying homage to your favorite time period. You can make witty references with the details. 

For instance, gold accents, black and white attire, Art Deco, and jazz perfectly reflect the Roaring 20s. Likewise, cascading bouquets and multi-tier wedding cakes are reminiscent of the 1980s.

Need inspo for your vintage celebration? Try including the following elements:  

  • Ornate vases
  • Birdcages 
  • Classic books
  • Antique store gems
  • Lace or silk tablecloths

Your décor depends on the era you want to highlight. Once you and your partner select a decade, you can explore the colors that go with it. Are you leaning toward the 1970s? Consider blending dusty blue, moss green, and orange. Want to bring back the 1960s? Don’t be shy with rubies and marigolds. 

In addition, you can pair retro and modern elements for a minimalist contrast.

Bohemian Dream Wedding

Bohemian wedding theme

Photography: Corinna Rose Photography

Free-spirited and eclectic beautifully describe the boho aesthetic. This style became popular in the late 60s and 70s and had a resurgence in the early 2000s with music festivals like Coachella. 

The bohemian wedding theme highlights nature through outdoor scenery, greenery, and earthy tones. Imagine an altar with wrap-around vines, burlap on your reception tables, and macrame decorations, and you have a good idea of what brings this vision to life.

Rustic elements, dreamcatchers, and wildflowers are also common characteristics. The boho dream color palettes are versatile, so you can easily include your favorite colors: 

  • Warm and classic: Pumpkin, beige, and blush
  • Bold and accented: Orange, emerald green, and tan
  • Modern and elevated: Earthy brown, black, sage green, and blush

You can enhance this theme with entertainment and activities. Consider hiring a live folk band and offering a photo booth with a custom backdrop.

Modern Minimalist Affair

Modern Wedding Theme

Photography: Ether & Smith

Sophisticated modern weddings never go out of style. While whimsical celebrations embrace extravagance, contemporary events shine in simplicity. The modern minimalist theme features clean lines, geometric shapes, a classic color palette, and a timeless look. 

Want to achieve this feel? Add these recommendations to your mood board:

  • Soft lighting: Candles and floor-to-ceiling indoor venues are ideal. 
  • Simple ceremony scene: Opt for a plain backdrop and minimalistic wooden arch.
  • Monochromatic and simple blooms: Focus on one statement flower and greenery. 
  • Clean tablescapes: Keep your tables and centerpieces clutter-free.
  • Color palette: Dabble in neutral colors, white, black, and green.

Consider incorporating technology and audiovisual (AV) details into your special day for a modern twist. For example, a custom gobo projection, personalized lighting design, and interactive menus. 

Whimsical Fairytale Romance 

fairytale wedding

Photography: Eva Moskalets

We recommend the whimsical fairytale theme if you’ve always wanted a storybook celebration. It pairs effortlessly with an enchanted look and typically features a grand setting, like a castle venue or historic estate.

Many fairytale-esque ceremonies showcase bold floral arrangements, lush greenery, and soft candlelight. As for the color palette, blush and purple are popular options. If you’re not a fan of these colors, opt for light and airy shades, like pastels.  

You can also include beloved characteristics from classic stories, like glass slippers and ornate mirrors. The best part of this theme is it lets your imagination run wild, so you can get creative and reminisce on your childhood.   

Do You Have a Wedding Theme in Mind?

We hope this post motivates you to select a dreamy style that resonates with you and your fiancé(e). Whether you draw inspiration from this list or merge your favorite aesthetics, you can expect a one-of-a-kind experience that you’ll remember forever. 

Need help bringing your vision to life? Say no more–Fantasy Sound has you covered with lighting, décor, DJ services, wedding coordination, and photo booth activations. Get in touch with us today!